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9 Relationship Milestones That Couples Should Celebrate

Show love and appreciation for your partner all year long with these relationship milestones to celebrate! Whether you’ve been dating for one year or married for five years, it’s always fun to spend quality time together. Celebrating can bring you closer together, giving you a sense of unity in the relationship. We’ve included big and small milestones, for every kind of couple. All of these chapters in your journey will lead to a happier life as a duo. Celebrate the hard work and dedication you put into the relationship now and into the future!  

9 Relationship Milestones That Couples Should Celebrate  

Sharing Your First Kiss 

Whether your first kiss was awkwardly bad or downright magical, put this milestone at the top of your list! It marked the beginning of being intimate and took your relationship to the next stage. We love the idea of re-creating the date that led to your first kiss! You can even surprise your partner with a “happy first kiss” gift, like the Book of Us. Book of Us tells your unique love story on every page! Write out your first kiss story, to be printed on the back cover, and edit every page with loving messages and inside jokes. Your partner will love a gift that commemorates this sweet milestone. 

Having Your First Big Fight

Healthy relationships come with the good and the bad. Your first big fight is a doozy. But fighting can help you problem solve issues and improve your communication skills. (Note that domestic abuse should never take place in a fight and must be handled differently.) After you’ve cooled off from your first fight, treat yourselves to a “well that happened” drink (or mocktail) and do something that you both enjoy to get closer again—listen to jazz music and slow dance, hold hands and watch a movie, or cook your favorite meal.  

Attending a Family Event Together

One big relationship milestone is when you attend the first family event together! At this event, you’ll introduce your S.O. to your family members. This introduction shows a great deal of love and trust. This is the first time you’ll be stepping out as an official couple to extended family. It’s a time when your partner can bond with the family and be treated as “one of the family.” Treat this occasion as a milestone anniversary, and celebrate it every year by remembering the fun and awkward memories!  

First Couple’s Vacation

Your first vacation will help you both plan, problem-solve, communicate, and spend romantic time together. Plan a vacation every year, perhaps in the same spot as your first trip, as a special way to commemorate this milestone.  

Making a Big Purchase Together

Whether you’re buying your first couple’s couch for cuddling or your first house together, this relationship milestone deserves a fun celebration! Because you’ve made a big purchase, celebrate this milestone with budget-friendly date ideas like a bottom-less mimosa brunch, a happy hour special at a restaurant, a free concert in the park, or a bike ride and a picnic. Celebrate every year by challenging each other to plan a date with the smallest budget!  

Spending a Holiday Together (without family)

Most major holidays are spent with extended family. But on the rare occasion that you opt out of traveling to the family get-together, make this holiday extra special with just the two of you! This is a perfect opportunity to make memories and begin new traditions. Maybe you skip the traditional big dinner and order takeout, or maybe you plan an activity you both love. No matter what, the best times come from building a life together. 

Your Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary is perhaps one of the biggest milestones to celebrate every year! We love the idea of re-creating your favorite moments from the day. Play your wedding song, cook or bake your favorite food from your reception, and watch wedding videos.  

The First Goodbye in a Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships are hard, and it may seem counterintuitive to celebrate a devastating goodbye. But it’s a difficult hurdle and you did it! You deserve to celebrate the accomplishment of making it through the hard times as well as the good ones. Once you are both back home, celebrate this milestone with some much-needed self-care time. Video chat your S.O., eat something yummy, and watch your favorite movie in comfy pajamas.  

Crying in Front of Each Other

Love isn’t just about flowers and gifts, it’s also about sharing intimacy and painful feelings. Love is about accepting all parts of your partner and supporting their hurt. For these reasons, it’s important to acknowledge and honor the first time your S.O. cries in front of you—and we mean, really cry, like open floodgates. When this happens, celebrate their vulnerability with praise which will encourage them to be more emotionally open with you in the future. Then do something together that will provide comfort and intimacy: watch a soothing movie together, go out for a comfort food meal, or schedule a couple’s spa day for massages.  

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How to Make Friendships as an Adult

Making friendships is difficult at any age, but even more so when you’re an adult. If you are struggling to make meaningful connections with friends, don’t worry! Most experience this same difficulty, even before the pandemic. Adulthood introduces many difficulties and complications. Maybe you moved across the country for a job or grad school, now living in a city where you don’t know anyone. Maybe you lost touch with high school or college friends. Maybe adult responsibilities (job, school, cleaning, exercising, cooking meals—the day-to-day needs) fill up your day and you struggle to find time for friendships. We’ve put together some fun ways to make adult friends and expand your social circle. Making friendships is a numbers game. The more you put yourself out there, the more likely you are to find friends who match some of your interests and values. Instead of saying “I should,” repeat to yourself “I can” and try a few of these methods to make new and lasting friendships!  

7 Ways to Make Friendships as an Adult 

Join a new activity group.

Look for local groups or clubs or form your own! Join a cooking class to meet others who enjoy your hobby. Participate in a bi-weekly book club. Attend a weekly fitness class and get there early to join in some pre-workout conversations. When you’ve identified one or two members who could be friend material, invite them out for coffee or lunch afterward and exchange numbers to meet up in the future. If you have a dog, visit the local dog park once a week and strike up a conversation with fellow dog lovers. You can also arrange doggy playdates, where the humans can bond too! Try a few activities and see where you can find friends. Not every group will yield friendships, but don’t give up! Keep trying new things until you find friends you click with.  

Try an app to make friends.

Use apps like Bumble BFF, Meetup, Nextdoor, Peanut (an app for moms to make friends), Meet My Dog, or even TikTok. Start conversations online and then plan a meet-up in person. The best part about an app? You can strike up lots of conversations online, without the awkward in-person interaction, and see who you connect with the best. Even a broad social app like TikTok can be a platform for great friendships—but you have to take the lead first! Try posting a dance challenge, asking anyone on the app to dance battle you via video. See who responds and start a conversation in the app to begin a new friendship.  

Look for connections you already have.

Sometimes friends are right in front of you! Do you find you always have great conversations with your hairstylist, manicurist, or fitness trainer? Maybe they’re just being nice…or maybe they really like you. Invite them for a friend date like coffee or cocktails at the end of your session. You’ll never know unless you initiate an invitation. And keep in mind: great friends can be of any age.  

Volunteer and meet new people.

Volunteering is amazing by itself, because you are giving back. It’s also a great way to meet new people and make friends along the way! Try volunteering at a charity, a library, a nonprofit serving free meals, a school, a nursing home or a hospice care location. You’ll meet other adult volunteers in your work, where you can strike up conversations. You’ll also meet residents, at a nursing home for example, who may likewise be looking for friends.  

Host a bring-a-friend party.

Throw a small house party where you ask each guest to bring another friend. In adulthood, it’s common for friends to have different social circles. Some of your friends will have made other friends from work, activities, or their neighborhood. By encouraging your friends to bring one of theirs as a plus one, you will expand your social circle and meet some great people!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Attend interactive events.

Find local events where you can meet and interact with new people. Visit a brewery for trivia night. Attend a charcuterie-making class at a local shop. Join a community pilates class outside. Sign up for a cocktail-making class at a restaurant. These one-off activities offer, at the very least, interesting conversations, and ideally new friends!  

Boost your own self-esteem and confidence.

Last, and perhaps most importantly, it’s crucial to boost your own confidence to make friends. Do things that make yourself happier and healthier, whether it’s exercise, eating healthy, getting more sleep, or enjoying a hot bath every week. Confidence shows up in the way you walk, talk, and interact with others. When you are more confident, you will attract people to you. Make time for yourself first, and then grow your social circle.