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Holidates Based on Favorite Christmas Songs

Spice up your date planning and get inspired by classic holiday songs! We’ve chosen Christmas tunes that will set a romantic mood and help you plan the best “holidate” with your boyfriend, girlfriend or partner. With this list of date ideas, you can live out your Hallmark Christmas movie dreams—the cheesier the better! Take a sleigh ride, kiss under mistletoe, cuddle with a blanket under the stars, or decorate the tree with spiked eggnog. With every magical moment, you’ll make it a Christmas to remember. The most important thing this holiday is to spend time with the ones you love. We hope these Christmas dates will help you both stay cozy all season long!  

7 Holiday Date Ideas Based on Christmas Songs  

“All I Want for Christmas is You,” Mariah Carey  

This song gets us every time! Plan a romantic date night at home—because like the song says, all you need is each other. Get dressed up in red, dance among candlelight, kiss under mistletoe and toast with champagne to a romantic evening.  

“The Christmas Song,” Nat King Cole  

Get inspired by the most classic Christmas song and enjoy outdoor Christmas activities! Visit a Christmas market outside, cuddle together in the snow (as Jack Frost nips at your nose), snack on roasted chestnuts and listen to carolers. The simplest activities are often the best, because it’s a season of togetherness. 

“Underneath the Tree,” Kelly Clarkson  

This is the perfect tree decorating song! Put this song on full blast and decorate the Christmas tree with your favorite ornaments. You can turn this into a couple’s tradition and decorate together every holiday—adding a new ornament each year.  

“Jingle Bells”  

Find a location to take a horse-drawn sleigh ride because “oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh.” You’ll be laughing—and maybe hanging on for dear life! —as you dash through the snow on a winter adventure! 

“Frosty the Snowman”  

Some of the best parts of Christmas are acting like a kid again! Rekindle your childhood spirit and build a snowman together. If you don’t have snow, visit the beach and build a sandy snowman. We love the idea of taking a couple’s photo with your Snowman and using it as your Christmas card for this year or the next!  

“Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!” 

If the weather is especially frightful, enjoy a backyard bonfire and bring some corn for popping (or make it easy with the microwave kind)! The two of you can cuddle up together to stay warm and cozy.  

“We Wish You a Merry Christmas”  

Wish your partner a merry Christmas by baking up some figgy pudding and drinking cups of good cheer! We don’t recommend baking the traditional British version, which is made with suet (raw beef or mutton fat). Instead, try baking a sweet sticky pudding that’s made with dried dates and figs. Make sure to drink lots of “good cheer” as you experiment baking this traditional Christmas dessert! You can laugh at your failure or cheer at your triumph and have a very merry time in the process.   






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​Pride Gifts for All Your Loved Ones

Celebrate pride year-round with these thoughtful LGBTQ gifts for all your loved ones. Whether you want to send love to a romantic partner or show support to your gay best friend, these pride gifts say, “I love you and I’m proud of you.” Pride Month is an annual celebration in June, to commemorate the 1960 Stonewall Riots (also known as the Stonewall Uprising) in Greenwich Village, New York. These riots served as a catalyst for the gay rights movement in the United States. Today we celebrate activists’ efforts with Pride and embrace our authentic selves. This Pride Month, spread the love with fun and unique presents for all your loved ones! ​

Pride Gift List

​Hydro-Dipped Rainbow Shoes

Send them bright, rainbow vibes with handmade, custom shoes they can wear year-round! Hydro-dipping is a viral phenomenon and we can see why. This unique process turns your boring sneakers into a prism of colors. Just purchase their favorite pair of shoes in white and get dipping. Besides how cool they look, your gay bestie or partner will also appreciate the time and effort that went into making them! Rainbow gifts are especially perfect for all your LGBTQ friends.

Pride Month TikTok Video

Pride gifts don’t have to cost a thing! Show your loved ones how much you care by sending them a fun TikTok video they can play over and over. Get your friends involved and make a surprise video of love and support.

Book of Us®

Show your romantic partner how much you love them with the personalized Book of Us! This custom book is a unique, creative way to say, “I love you, now and always.” Customize this pride gift with your names, two illustrated characters that resemble you both, and loving messages. You can write about your love story on the back cover and even customize the book title—theme it to Pride Month with titles like “Happy Pride! 4 Years Together” or “I’m Proud to Love You.” Express your love and gratitude to a partner with a gift that shows all the ways you spend time together. Book of Us also supports the One Love Foundation, so you can feel good knowing your pride gift gives back!

Coming Out Support Package

For your friend who’s just come out, give him or her a care package of goodies that celebrates their big announcement. This gift basket could include: calming tea and bath salts (for those who need to de-stress after making such a huge life decision), an journal full of inspirational quotes, rainbow-colored candy, and a picture frame of you both—a constant reminder that you are proud to be their friend.

Meditative Yoga Class

Yoga is a series of empowering poses that takes you on a journey to self-love. Both meditative and strengthening, a yoga class guides you to find a peaceful relationship with your body—finding self-compassion and self-love. Pride Month is likewise a time to embrace your authentic self and to radiate your power and self-acceptance. This Pride gift is a joyful activity you can do together—even remotely if the class is online—bringing you even closer as friends or partners.

Rainbow Heart Cross-Stitch

Give them a gift from the heart with a cross-stitch hoop that beautifully displays a rainbow heart. Perfect for the home décor lover, this lasting gift can be hung on the wall or placed on a bedside table.

Rainbow Flower Bouquet and Glitter Cupcakes

Wish happy Pride to the LGBTQ person in your life with a colorful bouquet and edible sparkles! Arrange flowers in rainbow colors and tie the stems together with rainbow ribbon. Bake confetti cupcakes and add edible glitter to your frosting for a sparkalicious treat.

Pride Month is a time to show love and celebrate. Spread the love to your LGBTQ community with gifts from the heart. ​

pride month pride gift pride gifts for adults LGBTQrainbow gift stonewall riots greenwich village Book of Us personalized gift for adults personalized book coming out gift basket yoga self-love acceptance flower cupcakes TikTok tiktok hydro-dip hydro dip rainbow shoes partner gay best friend friend gift

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