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november activities november date ideas holiday fun holiday shopping winter activity ideas football party clean out closet holiday movies soup exchange party gratitude journal give thanks Thanksgiving ice skating game night turkey trot never have I ever date at-home activity relationship ideas date ideas

10 Fun Activities for November

Get a head start on holiday fun with these November activities! There’s so much to look forward to—Black Friday shopping, Thanksgiving, cool weather, and cozy sweater season! Try a few of these festive activities with your friends, family, or romantic partner and make the sweetest memories. November is the perfect time to do some end-of-fall closet cleaning (to make room for Christmas shopping), indulge in self-care, and start a new holiday tradition with your S.O. These winter activity ideas will get you excited for the months ahead!  

november activities november date ideas holiday fun holiday shopping winter activity ideas football party clean out closet holiday movies soup exchange party gratitude journal give thanks Thanksgiving ice skating game night turkey trot never have I ever date at-home activity relationship ideas date ideas

Host a football party for friends.

November means football is in full swing! Kickoff your winter fun with a football party for friends. This event could also double as a Friendsgiving party. Serve a tray of barbeque turkey sandwich sliders and sides of tater tots, stuffing muffins, deviled eggs, and sweet potato hand pies.  

Clean out your closet.

We’ve all heard about spring cleaning, but what about an end-of-fall clean-out? In early November, before holiday shopping begins, consider cleaning up your spaces. Find items you are no longer using and donate anything in excellent condition to your local thrift store. It’s the perfect time to hand off unused sweaters or coats to someone who will give them a loving second-hand home.  

november activities november date ideas holiday fun holiday shopping winter activity ideas football party clean out closet holiday movies soup exchange party gratitude journal give thanks Thanksgiving ice skating game night turkey trot never have I ever date at-home activity relationship ideas date ideas

Start holiday shopping.

It might seem early, but Black Friday weekend offers the best shopping deals! Shop online and find a sweet gift for your romantic partner. A personalized gift like Book of Us tells your love story on every page. Customize pages with loving messages and inside jokes, to make this an unforgettable holiday gift! 

november activities november date ideas holiday fun holiday shopping winter activity ideas football party clean out closet holiday movies soup exchange party gratitude journal give thanks Thanksgiving ice skating game night turkey trot never have I ever date at-home activity relationship ideas date ideas

Make chili and watch holiday movies.

Get cozy with a warm bowl of chili and a movie! Holiday movies will get you in the festive spirit. Our favorites include When Harry Met Sally, Holidate, You’ve Got Mail, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and every Friends Thanksgiving episode.  

november activities november date ideas holiday fun holiday shopping winter activity ideas football party clean out closet holiday movies soup exchange party gratitude journal give thanks Thanksgiving ice skating game night turkey trot never have I ever date at-home activity relationship ideas date ideas

Host a soup exchange party.

Cool November days mean it’s finally soup season! You’ve probably participated in a cookie exchange or even a pie exchange—but how about an exchange that’s all about varieties of soup? Ask each friend to make a unique soup and divide it into take-away containers for each person. Pick a weekend to exchange soups and you’ll have 5 or 6 varieties of soup in your fridge for every night of the week! 

november activities november date ideas holiday fun holiday shopping winter activity ideas football party clean out closet holiday movies soup exchange party gratitude journal give thanks Thanksgiving ice skating game night turkey trot never have I ever date at-home activity relationship ideas date ideas

Start a gratitude journal.

Begin every November morning with gratitude journal practice. Expressing gratitude can help boost your mental health, by improving your mood and lessening stress. When you express gratitude for things around you (big and small), you focus on the good and see things more optimistically. Begin a gratitude routine today that will have lifelong effects for a brighter future!  

november activities november date ideas holiday fun holiday shopping winter activity ideas football party clean out closet holiday movies soup exchange party gratitude journal give thanks Thanksgiving ice skating game night turkey trot never have I ever date at-home activity relationship ideas date ideas

Enjoy a cold-weather activity.

If you live in a cold-weather state, plan a day of ice skating, snowboarding, sledding, or tubing. These are perfect activities to do alone or with a partner. Plus, you’ll combine fun with exercise! Don’t forget to end the day with a cup of hot chocolate or apple cider.  

november activities november date ideas holiday fun holiday shopping winter activity ideas football party clean out closet holiday movies soup exchange party gratitude journal give thanks Thanksgiving ice skating game night turkey trot never have I ever date at-home activity relationship ideas date ideas

Plan a game night.

Play your favorite board games all night long—with plenty of snacks! This activity is ideal for an especially cold day, so you can spend cozy time inside. Turn this into a fun date night or host a board game party with family.  

november activities november date ideas holiday fun holiday shopping winter activity ideas football party clean out closet holiday movies soup exchange party gratitude journal give thanks Thanksgiving ice skating game night turkey trot never have I ever date at-home activity relationship ideas date ideas

Participate in a Turkey Trot.

Get your steps in and join a race that gives back to a worthy cause! Find the closest turkey trot near you and encourage your S.O. or friends to join you. Even if you aren’t a runner, this event is a fun way to make holiday memories and try something new!  

november activities november date ideas holiday fun holiday shopping winter activity ideas football party clean out closet holiday movies soup exchange party gratitude journal give thanks Thanksgiving ice skating game night turkey trot never have I ever date at-home activity relationship ideas date ideas

Plan a “never have I ever” day date with your partner.

Do activities that neither of you have done before! Maybe it’s an at-home activity like baking a homemade sweet potato pie or an outdoor outing like skiing. As you try new things, you’ll grow closer together in your relationship. Day dates are the best when they are filled with laughter and joy!  


apple orchard autumn hike backyard bonfire Book of Us brewerycorn maze cozy fall party fall activities fall ideas family farmer's market favorite autumn activities friend activities Halloween costume hot chocolate jack-o-lantern carving murder mystery party Oktoberfest pumpkin carving pumpkin spice romantic fall date s'mores tailgate football game

20 Fall Activities to Do with Family, Friends, or Solo

Enjoy every minute of the fall with these twenty bucket list activities! We’ve compiled a list of activities for everyone—whether you are looking for fun with family and friends, or some self-care time solo. Fall comes with some of the best seasonal activities, like pumpkin carving, drinking hot apple cider in a flannel, or eating apple cider donuts in a corn maze. And it’s a season when we start getting excited about Halloween and happy haunts! With cooler days ahead and a limited number of days in the season, it’s the perfect time to explore, relax, and celebrate. Try a few of our favorite autumn activities and enjoy every minute of this season! 

20 Best Fall Activities to Put on Your Bucket List  

apple orchard autumn hike backyard bonfire Book of Us brewerycorn maze cozy fall party fall activities fall ideas family farmer's market favorite autumn activities friend activities Halloween costume hot chocolate jack-o-lantern carving murder mystery party Oktoberfest pumpkin carving pumpkin spice romantic fall date s'mores tailgate football game
  1. Visit an apple orchard for chestnut crab apples and apple cider donuts. 
  2. Make apple cider milkshakes and watch a movie with fall vibes like Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, or When Harry Met Sally.  
  3. Visit a brewery for live music, food trucks, and pumpkin beer.  
  4. Go on an autumn hike at a local state park.  
  5. Plan a romantic fall date with your partner. Plan a wine and cheese charcuterie picnic, and surprise your S.O. with a special gift like the Book of Us. Book of Us captures your love story on every page, so you can celebrate your relationship milestones. 
  6. Pick up your own pumpkins and enjoy jack-o-lantern carving.  
  7. Start a backyard bonfire and roast s’mores.  
  8. Tailgate a football game and make honey barbeque wings.  
  9. Bake a homemade apple pie. 
  10. Host a cozy fall party with mulled wine, chili, and pumpkin pie muffins.  
  11. Watch the sunset at a park.  
  12. Visit a corn maze and snack on caramel popcorn.  
  13. DIY your own Halloween costume. 
  14. Go ziplining and take in the gorgeous fall colors.  
  15. Celebrate Oktoberfest at a brewery or a city-hosted event.  
  16. Visit the farmer’s market and pick up ingredients to make a fall-themed dinner, like butternut squash carbonara.  
  17. Run a fall 5K or 10K.  
  18. Host a murder mystery party.  
  19. Spend an entire day that’s all about pumpkin spice. Drink a pumpkin spice latte, light a pumpkin candle, make pumpkin soup, and sip on a pumpkin spice cocktail.  
  20. Go for a bike ride. 


5 years anniversary gift Book of Us cry in front of each other first big fight first couple's vacation first goodbye first kiss gift healthy relationships long-distance relationship one year partner relationship milestones for couples relationship milestones to celebrate S.O. spending holiday together wedding anniversary wedding gift

9 Relationship Milestones That Couples Should Celebrate

Show love and appreciation for your partner all year long with these relationship milestones to celebrate! Whether you’ve been dating for one year or married for five years, it’s always fun to spend quality time together. Celebrating can bring you closer together, giving you a sense of unity in the relationship. We’ve included big and small milestones, for every kind of couple. All of these chapters in your journey will lead to a happier life as a duo. Celebrate the hard work and dedication you put into the relationship now and into the future!  

9 Relationship Milestones That Couples Should Celebrate  

Sharing Your First Kiss 

Whether your first kiss was awkwardly bad or downright magical, put this milestone at the top of your list! It marked the beginning of being intimate and took your relationship to the next stage. We love the idea of re-creating the date that led to your first kiss! You can even surprise your partner with a “happy first kiss” gift, like the Book of Us. Book of Us tells your unique love story on every page! Write out your first kiss story, to be printed on the back cover, and edit every page with loving messages and inside jokes. Your partner will love a gift that commemorates this sweet milestone. 

Having Your First Big Fight

Healthy relationships come with the good and the bad. Your first big fight is a doozy. But fighting can help you problem solve issues and improve your communication skills. (Note that domestic abuse should never take place in a fight and must be handled differently.) After you’ve cooled off from your first fight, treat yourselves to a “well that happened” drink (or mocktail) and do something that you both enjoy to get closer again—listen to jazz music and slow dance, hold hands and watch a movie, or cook your favorite meal.  

Attending a Family Event Together

One big relationship milestone is when you attend the first family event together! At this event, you’ll introduce your S.O. to your family members. This introduction shows a great deal of love and trust. This is the first time you’ll be stepping out as an official couple to extended family. It’s a time when your partner can bond with the family and be treated as “one of the family.” Treat this occasion as a milestone anniversary, and celebrate it every year by remembering the fun and awkward memories!  

First Couple’s Vacation

Your first vacation will help you both plan, problem-solve, communicate, and spend romantic time together. Plan a vacation every year, perhaps in the same spot as your first trip, as a special way to commemorate this milestone.  

Making a Big Purchase Together

Whether you’re buying your first couple’s couch for cuddling or your first house together, this relationship milestone deserves a fun celebration! Because you’ve made a big purchase, celebrate this milestone with budget-friendly date ideas like a bottom-less mimosa brunch, a happy hour special at a restaurant, a free concert in the park, or a bike ride and a picnic. Celebrate every year by challenging each other to plan a date with the smallest budget!  

Spending a Holiday Together (without family)

Most major holidays are spent with extended family. But on the rare occasion that you opt out of traveling to the family get-together, make this holiday extra special with just the two of you! This is a perfect opportunity to make memories and begin new traditions. Maybe you skip the traditional big dinner and order takeout, or maybe you plan an activity you both love. No matter what, the best times come from building a life together. 

Your Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary is perhaps one of the biggest milestones to celebrate every year! We love the idea of re-creating your favorite moments from the day. Play your wedding song, cook or bake your favorite food from your reception, and watch wedding videos.  

The First Goodbye in a Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships are hard, and it may seem counterintuitive to celebrate a devastating goodbye. But it’s a difficult hurdle and you did it! You deserve to celebrate the accomplishment of making it through the hard times as well as the good ones. Once you are both back home, celebrate this milestone with some much-needed self-care time. Video chat your S.O., eat something yummy, and watch your favorite movie in comfy pajamas.  

Crying in Front of Each Other

Love isn’t just about flowers and gifts, it’s also about sharing intimacy and painful feelings. Love is about accepting all parts of your partner and supporting their hurt. For these reasons, it’s important to acknowledge and honor the first time your S.O. cries in front of you—and we mean, really cry, like open floodgates. When this happens, celebrate their vulnerability with praise which will encourage them to be more emotionally open with you in the future. Then do something together that will provide comfort and intimacy: watch a soothing movie together, go out for a comfort food meal, or schedule a couple’s spa day for massages.  

7 ways to make friendships app to make friends brewery trivia bring a friend party Bumble BFF charcuterie-making class confidence friend date fun ways to make adult friends house party how to make friends how to make friendships as an adult interactive events make friends make lasting friendships make meaningful connections Meetup new friends Nextdoor Peanut pilates class self-esteemsocial circle TikTok volunteering

How to Make Friendships as an Adult

Making friendships is difficult at any age, but even more so when you’re an adult. If you are struggling to make meaningful connections with friends, don’t worry! Most experience this same difficulty, even before the pandemic. Adulthood introduces many difficulties and complications. Maybe you moved across the country for a job or grad school, now living in a city where you don’t know anyone. Maybe you lost touch with high school or college friends. Maybe adult responsibilities (job, school, cleaning, exercising, cooking meals—the day-to-day needs) fill up your day and you struggle to find time for friendships. We’ve put together some fun ways to make adult friends and expand your social circle. Making friendships is a numbers game. The more you put yourself out there, the more likely you are to find friends who match some of your interests and values. Instead of saying “I should,” repeat to yourself “I can” and try a few of these methods to make new and lasting friendships!  

7 Ways to Make Friendships as an Adult 

Join a new activity group.

Look for local groups or clubs or form your own! Join a cooking class to meet others who enjoy your hobby. Participate in a bi-weekly book club. Attend a weekly fitness class and get there early to join in some pre-workout conversations. When you’ve identified one or two members who could be friend material, invite them out for coffee or lunch afterward and exchange numbers to meet up in the future. If you have a dog, visit the local dog park once a week and strike up a conversation with fellow dog lovers. You can also arrange doggy playdates, where the humans can bond too! Try a few activities and see where you can find friends. Not every group will yield friendships, but don’t give up! Keep trying new things until you find friends you click with.  

Try an app to make friends.

Use apps like Bumble BFF, Meetup, Nextdoor, Peanut (an app for moms to make friends), Meet My Dog, or even TikTok. Start conversations online and then plan a meet-up in person. The best part about an app? You can strike up lots of conversations online, without the awkward in-person interaction, and see who you connect with the best. Even a broad social app like TikTok can be a platform for great friendships—but you have to take the lead first! Try posting a dance challenge, asking anyone on the app to dance battle you via video. See who responds and start a conversation in the app to begin a new friendship.  

Look for connections you already have.

Sometimes friends are right in front of you! Do you find you always have great conversations with your hairstylist, manicurist, or fitness trainer? Maybe they’re just being nice…or maybe they really like you. Invite them for a friend date like coffee or cocktails at the end of your session. You’ll never know unless you initiate an invitation. And keep in mind: great friends can be of any age.  

Volunteer and meet new people.

Volunteering is amazing by itself, because you are giving back. It’s also a great way to meet new people and make friends along the way! Try volunteering at a charity, a library, a nonprofit serving free meals, a school, a nursing home or a hospice care location. You’ll meet other adult volunteers in your work, where you can strike up conversations. You’ll also meet residents, at a nursing home for example, who may likewise be looking for friends.  

Host a bring-a-friend party.

Throw a small house party where you ask each guest to bring another friend. In adulthood, it’s common for friends to have different social circles. Some of your friends will have made other friends from work, activities, or their neighborhood. By encouraging your friends to bring one of theirs as a plus one, you will expand your social circle and meet some great people!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Attend interactive events.

Find local events where you can meet and interact with new people. Visit a brewery for trivia night. Attend a charcuterie-making class at a local shop. Join a community pilates class outside. Sign up for a cocktail-making class at a restaurant. These one-off activities offer, at the very least, interesting conversations, and ideally new friends!  

Boost your own self-esteem and confidence.

Last, and perhaps most importantly, it’s crucial to boost your own confidence to make friends. Do things that make yourself happier and healthier, whether it’s exercise, eating healthy, getting more sleep, or enjoying a hot bath every week. Confidence shows up in the way you walk, talk, and interact with others. When you are more confident, you will attract people to you. Make time for yourself first, and then grow your social circle.  

11 free date ideas audiobook best date ideas comedy club couple's activity date ideas completely free date night dates on a budget dating on a budget free day date free fitness class game date hike at local state park movie in the park relationship activity ride romantic picnic date scenic drive spa day at home university concert zoo

11 Free Date Ideas You’ll Love

There’s no need to spend a cent because we’ve found the best date ideas that are free! Dropping a lot of money on an expensive dinner is no guarantee you’ll have a great time. Dating is all about spending romantic, quality time together. When you take money out of the equation, you’ll find some creative and unique ways to make lasting memories. The next time you’re planning date night, try one of these free date ideas. Your partner will be seriously impressed at how much you can do when you save!  

11 Date Ideas That Are Completely Free  

Spend the day at a free zoo.  

Many states have funded zoos and conservatories that have completely free attendance. Plan a free day date watching the animals and bring your own snacks to save on food cost!  

Hike at your local state park.  

Hike the trails and enjoy each other’s company. Nature provides a romantic backdrop for your date, where you can hold hands and kiss among the forest trees like a cheesy rom-com movie couple. There’s usually free street parking along the highways and you can bring your own energy snacks. Take lots of pics for the ‘gram and make a silly TikTok video to capture the moment.  

Take a scenic drive. 

Visit a place you’ve always wanted to go like a cute beach town, a flower farm, a historic monument or a sculpture garden. Pre-make iced coffee at home and hit the road with a killer playlist. The car ride adventure to get there is half the fun!  

Host a game date at home.  

Challenge your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner to game-palooza! Play a variety of board games, dice games, and video games. Then end the night with a sexy game for two.  

Visit a comedy club.  

Attend open mic night at a comedy club, where attendance is free as long as you find a seat. There’s no better date than laughing together…or cringing at the bad jokes!  

Attend a university concert.  

Take in a free concert at your local university! Look at the college’s schedule of music events and attend your local university’s symphony orchestra concert that’s free to the public. This is a great way to take in beautiful music and enjoy a romantic music date.  

Enjoy a free fitness class.  

Find a free fitness class in your area. Many cafes and breweries host free barre or yoga classes throughout the year. Get your sweat on and have fun!  

Make something together.  

Get crafty and make or bake something together. A few ideas: bake a cake, cook a new meal, put a Lego set together, make a photo book, or whip up fun cocktails for an at-home happy hour. You’ll make something new and make happy memories too!  

Watch a movie in the park.  

Check out your city’s parks and recreation board site to find programs like “Music and Movies in the Parks.” Plan a romantic picnic date and watch a free outdoor movie in the park.  

Enjoy spa day at home.  

Bring the relaxation of the spa to you and enjoy a spa day for two. Light candles, play soothing music, and give each other back massages. Then get cozy in your pajamas and access free movies from your local library to watch at home.  

Ride bike together.  

Take a long scenic bike ride together. If you need a rest, stop at a local park and share headphones to listen to an audiobook from your phone.  



10-year anniversary 10-year anniversary 25th anniversary 25th anniversary5-year wedding anniversary 5-year wedding anniversary50th anniversary 50th anniversary anniversary milestone anniversary milestone anniversary party anniversary party anniversary trip anniversary trip Book of Us Book of Us celebrate your love celebrate your love concert tickets concert tickets couple's activity couple's activity couple's rings couple's rings personalized anniversary gift personalized anniversary gift personalized gift personalized gift romantic evening at home romantic evening at home romantic gifts romantic gifts romantic vacation romantic vacation spa day spa day sports tickets sports tickets staycation staycation wedding anniversary gift ideas wedding anniversary gift ideas

9 Wedding Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate Your Love

Impress your spouse with these romantic gifts that go above and beyond to say, “Happy Wedding Anniversary! These gift ideas are perfect for every anniversary milestone, whether you are celebrating a 25th, 50th anniversary, or a 5-year wedding anniversary. Your partner may prefer an experience gift with an activity you can do together, or a personalized gift that makes them cry tears of joy. Each gift idea will help you show your love and celebrate that special year together. Discover the best wedding anniversary gifts that will give your partner butterflies like when you first got married!  

9 Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas  

Book of Us  

Surprise your romantic partner with a heartwarming and personalized anniversary gift. Book of Us tells your unique love story on every page. Customize pages to wish your partner a happy anniversary and create a sweet keepsake they will treasure forever.  

Luxury Couple’s Vacation  

Celebrate a special milestone like a first anniversary or 10-year anniversary with a luxurious vacation. Pick a romantic vacation spot and travel to Hawaii, Mexico, Nappa Valley, California, or Paris. Your dreamy anniversary trip will be one to remember!  

Couple’s Activity Class 

Surprise your partner with a fun activity you can do together like a cooking class, pottery class, paint and wine event, or a yoga class.  

Relaxing Spa Day 

Schedule a full day of relaxing spa activities for you and your S.O. such as a couple’s massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, and sauna.  

Wine, Charcuterie, and Movie Night 

Surprise your partner with a romantic evening at home. Customize a wooden charcuterie board with you and your loved one’s names and wedding date, which you can use to display your gourmet charcuterie and keep as a gift. Serve with wine and watch your favorite movie. This wedding anniversary gift is perfect for homebodies who love to snack and cuddle!  

Couple’s Bucket List 

Your wedding anniversary is the perfect time to keep thinking about your future. Create a short-term or long-term bucket list of things you want to do, places to explore, and memories you want to create together. Start small and write down something you can do right away on your anniversary so you can cross the first bucket list item off the list! Marriage is a journey with so much to look forward to, whether it’s your first anniversary or your fiftieth anniversary. 

Surprise Anniversary Party 

One of the best ways to celebrate your special day is to invite your friends and family to party with you! Throw a surprise anniversary party for your S.O. and see their face light up with joy. 

Couple’s Watches or Rings 

Exchange a sentimental gift that you can both wear to remember your anniversary. Give your partner an engraved ring or watch and you can wear the corresponding match. Your partner will love this useful and thoughtful anniversary gift. 

Concert Tickets or Sports Tickets 

Give your partner an anniversary gift based on their interests, like tickets to their favorite sports team or band. If you don’t want to drive home late after the event, book an overnight staycation at a nearby hotel. Your partner will love how much thought you put into the gift!  


baseball best summer activities Book of Us camping couple's activity date ideas Euphoria party friend activity golf hiking music festival personalized puzzles picnic date pop culture party summer activities summer date summer party summer reading challenge summer vacation plans water park

Fun Activities for Your Summer Vacation Plans

We’ve compiled the best summer activities to make unforgettable memories with your best friend, romantic partner or family members! These twenty activity ideas take advantage of the warm weather and give you a variety of fun days—whether you’re looking for relaxation, adventure or a little of both. During summer, it’s the perfect time to take a beach day, watch an outdoor sports game, or plan an epic pop culture summer party. You don’t need to take a trip out of state to have the best summer ever! Try a few of these creative activities and make every summer day feel like a vacation.  

20 Activities for Summer Vacation  

Go on a picnic date with your partner.  

Visit your local park and enjoy a romantic picnic outside. Take your picnic to the next level by packing a gourmet charcuterie tray, champagne, and chocolate-covered strawberries. Finish the date with a grand gesture and surprise your S.O. with a special gift that’s personalized just for them like the Book of Us. Book of Us captures your unique love story on every page and will be treasured for years and years!  

Host a pop-culture themed summer party. 

Plan an epic outdoor get-together with a pop culture theme and ask everyone to dress up accordingly. We love the idea of a Euphoria-themed party with a cool high-school prom vibe that features colorful drinks with edible glitter, metallic decorations, and a killer playlist. 

Visit a water park.  

Beat the heat at a fun outdoor or indoor water park! Make it a day event or treat yourself to an overnight stay at a hotel. 

Have a bonfire with friends. 

Invite friends to a bonfire where you can roast marshmallows, listen to music, and play group games.  

Attend a music festival.  

Summer is the perfect time to check out music festivals in your city or nationwide.  

Do a puzzle on a rainy day.  

When it’s raining and boredom strikes, puzzles will keep your family entertained and happy! Personalized puzzles are especially engaging. Choose a custom puzzle that features a cute couple’s photo or one with your family’s names.  

Visit a local swimming pool or beach.  

Swimming is the ultimate summer activity! Visit a public pool or enjoy a beach day at the lake or ocean. If you don’t have a pool or beach nearby, take a staycation at a hotel with a pool. 

Golf at a regular course or go mini golfing. 

This is a fun date activity, or something the whole family can enjoy to make memories. Treat yourself to ice cream afterwards. 

Visit a local brewery and food truck.  

Most local breweries will host food trucks on summer weekends. Choose a weekend to visit one or two local breweries, sample a few beers and enjoy lunch at a food truck.  

Go to a baseball game.  

Enjoy this great American pastime with your family! There’s nothing better than cheering on your team with a hot dog and blue skies.  

Play frisbee golf in your backyard.  

Scatter hula hoops around the grass and play frisbee golf. This is a great last-minute activity when you want to play a fun game. 

Spend the day at a State Fair or Renaissance Festival. 

Eat, drink, and party all day long! Most states host a State Fair or Renaissance Festival in the summer, where you can sample lots of deep-fried food, listen to some great music, and take in a few shows.  

Replicate a drive-in movie theater at home.  

Re-create a drive-in movie theater experience! Set up a projector and attach a sheet to your garage door to play a movie. Just like an old-fashioned drive-in, you can watch from your car in the driveway while snacking on burgers and root beer floats! 

Enjoy a grown-up “yes day.”  

Have the perfect “yes day” by saying “yes” to whatever your boyfriend, girlfriend or partner wants to do (within reason, of course). Ask them, “What is your perfect day?” and then make it happen!  

Take a class to learn something new.  

Sign up for a class with your best friend or partner to learn a new skill or hobby! Try yoga, a cooking class or a pottery class. This is a great activity for when you got a little too sunburnt on your last outing.  

Go skydiving. 

Unleash your adventurous side and soar through the sky! Skydiving is a great couple’s activity or friend activity in the summer when you want to take an exhilarating risk.  

Challenge your friends in an escape room.  

Find an escape room near you and work together to get out. This summer activity lets you escape the heat and make hilarious memories with your friends as you build your teamwork skills!  

Take a hiking and camping trip.  

Spend a long weekend hiking to scenic spots and camping overnight. Roast hot dogs over a fire, stargaze at night, and bring binoculars to observe the local wildlife.  

Go canoeing or kayaking on the water. 

Enjoy a day where you can get some exercise and cool off at the same time! Find a local park where you can rent equipment (if you don’t have your own) and bring a friend.  

Create a summer reading challenge.  

Challenge yourself to read a certain number of books over the summer. Create a book tournament reading bracket and see which book comes out on top as the best summer read!  

We hope these summer activities will help you make joyful memories all summer long! 


baking gift Book of Us custom puzzle experience gift gift basket gift for a new mom keepsake mother's day gift Mother's Day gift basket Mother's Day gift ideas mother's day gifts Mother's Day gifts for wife Mother's Day mug My Super Mom personalized book personalized gift for grandma personalized Mother's Day book personalized mother's day gift personalized photo puzzle personalized puzzle

7 Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts

Make mom feel so loved with the best Mother’s Day gift ideas that are as thoughtful and special as she is! We’ve rounded up presents for every mom in your life, including gifts from a husband to his wife or gifts from an adult child to their mom and best friend. Surprise mom with an experience gift, a spa kit, a gift basket to match her superhero status, or personalized Mother’s Day gifts that are made just for her! It’s always the perfect time to honor mom’s love, support, and hard work—but especially on Mother’s Day. We hope these gifts fill her day with so much love and laughter. Let her know how much you love and care about her with a few of these special gift surprises. 

7 Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Mom or Wife

Personalized Mother’s Day Book for Mom

Go beyond a card or flowers and give mom a personalized Mother’s Day book that she will cherish for years and years. My Mom, My Best Friend  can be customized with your name, mom’s name or nickname, up to 4 photos, and a personal message to mom. Every page features a beautiful message, thanking mom for her love, support and guidance. This keepsake Mother’s Day gift makes a big impact that will bring you and mom even closer together.

A Romantic Gift from a Husband to a Wife

Surprise her with the Book of Us to let her know that she is the most loving wife and mother! This personalized book tells your unique love story and can be filled with loving messages. She will cry tears of joy and delight when she reads every personalized page, filled with sweet messages that come from the heart.  

Gift Basket for an On-the-Go Super Mom

Moms are incredible multi-tasking superheroes who deserve so much love! Give mom a personalized book like My Super Mom that celebrates all her accomplishments like working hard at her job, taking care of her physical health, caring for her family, and giving herself some much-deserved self-care time. The gift set also comes with a color-changing mug that matches her own book! Create a beautiful Mother’s Day gift basket and add a few more items: her favorite coffee or tea to enjoy in the mug, a framed photo of mom with her family, and a bag with her favorite snacks to take in her bag wherever she goes.  

Bedtime Spa Kit for a New Mom

Give the new mom a cozy gift of silky soft pajamas, fuzzy slippers, a facial sheet mask set, and a special gift for the baby too: My Very Own Nursery Rhymes personalized storybook. As mom recuperates from having her little bundle of joy, she can rest comfortably in her pajamas at bedtime and read her baby a personalized storybook that features the child’s name in the nursery rhyme story. 

Baking Kit for the Mom Who Loves to Bake

Give your mom a thoughtful baking gift set that includes a personalized apron and pot holder, a high-end baking dish or mixer, and a personalized keepsake book that she can enjoy with her kids. Baking Cookies Together celebrates the joy of baking as a family and can be personalized with mom’s name and appearance, and the names and appearance of two kids. Make this Mother’s Day gift even more special by adding a family photo and mom’s favorite cookie recipe in the back! The gift set also comes with a personalized child’s apron, so mom and child can bake together and celebrate the special day.  

A ‘Day of Fun’ Experience Gift for Mom

Give mom the gift of an activity that’s just for her, or one for the whole family! Delight her with a gift that’s catered to her interests such as tickets to a sporting event or show, a cooking class, massage spa day, wine tasting, boat dinner cruise, or an escape room adventure. Continue the entertainment at home and surprise her with a personalized photo puzzle that the whole family can put together.  

Personalized Gifts for Grandma

Make grandma smile this Mother’s Day with thoughtful gifts that are personalized just for her! The personalized book Super-Bestest Grandma can be given from a grandchild to their grandparent and celebrates all the ways they spend time together. Make this a special keepsake by personalizing the book with grandma’s nickname and appearance—and do the same for the grandchild. For the grandmother who loves puzzles, a custom puzzle like My Family Tree features up to 10 family member’s names and beautifully displays the family’s heritage. Grandma will be filled with the joy of family love as she puts her puzzle together. When you’re done, glue it together and frame it on her wall so she can treasure her Mother’s Day gift for years.   

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9 Date Ideas Perfect for Spring

It’s officially the first day of spring, so we’ve put together a fun list of spring date ideas that you and your romantic partner can do together! Spring can be an especially romantic time for dating, as the weather warms (even for colder weather climates) and you emerge from your winter hibernation cave. This list will help you organize the best planned dates for every spring weekend. And if you’re on a budget, no worries! Plan a nearly free date like visiting the farmer’s market or binge-watching the new season of “Bridgerton” on Netflix. For a creative date, try a pizza tasting challenge around town or plan a long weekend trip to New York City. We hope you and your significant other will love trying out a few of these delightful date ideas for spring!  

9 Spring Date Ideas for Couples  

Hike at a state park on Earth Day. 

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd by hiking at a local state park.  As you explore the natural beauty of our planet, you’ll find calming peace and make lasting memorie as a couple.  

Visit a local farmer’s market. 

Fresh spring produce will start arriving at your local farmer’s markets. It’s the perfect time to buy local and make a delicious meal together later that day.  

Binge-watch a TV show at home. 

The second season of “Bridgerton” is out on March 25th, making this the perfect time to binge-watch the entire season in a weekend and dine on your favorite takeout. There’s nothing better than cuddling on the couch, watching a romantic show, and enjoying great food.  

Treat yourself to a long-weekend spring break trip for two.  

This spring, devote quality time together by taking a fun spring break trip! If you need recommendations, check out our blog with the top 10 vacation spots for 2022: Spring Break Trips to Make Memories 

Tour the town for a pizza taste challenge. 

Challenge each other to find the best pizza in your city, county, or state! Travel around to the best pizza spots, taste test different slices, and rank them all. Save your favorites and go back on your next date night.  

Adopt a pet.  

If you are in a committed relationship and ready to take on the responsibility of a pet, then this is a sweet date idea that will bring you even closer together. By adopting a pet, you are helping an animal in need and “pet parenting” together—which helps you work as a team and learn how to make decisions as a couple. Spring is a great time to adopt a pet: the weather is warmer, making potty training outside much easier, and you have many months before the holidays to take your fur-family Christmas card photos!  

Start a workout plan together.  

Help each other maintain a healthy lifestyle by starting up a spring workout program that you can keep up every week. By working out together or at the same time, you will challenge and motivate each other. This helps you establish a healthy relationship, physically and emotionally. Exercise will help you stay physically active to enjoy lots of fun date night activities, and keep you mentally healthy by lowering stress and blood pressure. Establish a fun spring workout routine and find an activity you both enjoy such as kick boxing, cycling, running, weightlifting, yoga, or pilates.  

Pick up golfing.  

Plan a golfing date on weekends, where you can enjoy the sport and the warmer weather. You can try all varieties of golf: mini golf, driving range practice, 9 or 18-hole golf at a golf course, and Topgolf. This spring date activity is also perfect for the summer and fall months! Some of the best dates are when you play and learn together.  

Play board games at a local brewery.  

Bring your favorite board games and enjoy local brews. Play for pints, points, or just to enjoy each other’s company. It’s a relaxing date that perfect for daytime or evening.