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How to Make (and Keep) Friends

Making friends at any age can be difficult. As we grow older, we develop different hobbies and interests that distance us from school friends. We move to new places for college or a job. We grow apart from some friends and grow closer to others. It’s natural to find yourself in a place where you want to grow your social circle. But how do you make friends when you’re older? These tips will help you develop quality friendships. Friendships can improve our health and happiness, so they’re important to have! Rather than collect friends like coffee mugs, focus on making a few close connections with people that truly care about you. To do this, try a few of these activities and find the people that make you happiest. 

Start a new hobby with in-person meetings. 

Take up a social hobby that you can enjoy with others! Join a book club and attend meetings at a local coffee shop, to discuss the book of the month. Sign up for kickboxing classes at a nearby gym and meet other like-minded fitness enthusiasts or fitness beginners. Find a local hiking group and connect with other hikers. By trying a new activity, you’re opening yourself up to fun experiences and new connections.  

activitiesadult friendships co-workers develop quality friendships events Friday happy hour group trip how to make friends as an adult keep friends make friends network with neighbors social hobby volunteer

Network with your neighbors. 

Host a small house party and invite your neighbors one weekend. Even if you’ve lived in your house or apartment for months, even years, it’s never too late to reach out and connect with people that you’ve only ever waved at from your mailbox.  

activitiesadult friendships co-workers develop quality friendships events Friday happy hour group trip how to make friends as an adult keep friends make friends network with neighbors social hobby volunteer

Connect with co-workers. 

Take advantage of social interaction at work and invite co-workers to a Friday happy hour. You don’t need to make friends with everyone, but you have a great chance of connecting with one person to hang out with outside of business hours!  

activitiesadult friendships co-workers develop quality friendships events Friday happy hour group trip how to make friends as an adult keep friends make friends network with neighbors social hobby volunteer

Stay in communication.  

The best way of keeping friends is to stay connected. But with a busy schedule, it’s hard to make time for friends. We recommend scheduling an alert in your phone calendar with a reminder to message a friend. The free Marco Polo app is another way to stay connected by sending video messages to your social circle. With this app, you can send video messages whenever you have time—without the pressure of texting back and forth immediately.  

activitiesadult friendships co-workers develop quality friendships events Friday happy hour group trip how to make friends as an adult keep friends make friends network with neighbors social hobby volunteer

Volunteer at a local organization.  

Select a nonprofit you are passionate about and volunteer. This activity allows you to interact with others and, more importantly, give back to your community.  

activitiesadult friendships co-workers develop quality friendships events Friday happy hour group trip how to make friends as an adult keep friends make friends network with neighbors social hobby volunteer

Bring a friend to a local event.  

Sometimes the best way to extend your social circle is to attend events where you’ll meet more people! If you bring one friend, you’ll be more comfortable socializing and striking up conversation with another group. Attend an event hosted by a brewery, like a live music concert, a comedy show, a summer festival or a bar crawl.  

activitiesadult friendships co-workers develop quality friendships events Friday happy hour group trip how to make friends as an adult keep friends make friends network with neighbors social hobby volunteer

Join a group trip.  

One of the coolest parts about social media is the growing number of travel influencers who schedule trips with their followers! Find an Instagram influencer who is planning a trip you are interested in and sign up. Use this opportunity to talk to new people and make friends as you travel.  

activitiesadult friendships co-workers develop quality friendships events Friday happy hour group trip how to make friends as an adult keep friends make friends network with neighbors social hobby volunteer
7 ways to make friendships app to make friends brewery trivia bring a friend party Bumble BFF charcuterie-making class confidence friend date fun ways to make adult friends house party how to make friends how to make friendships as an adult interactive events make friends make lasting friendships make meaningful connections Meetup new friends Nextdoor Peanut pilates class self-esteemsocial circle TikTok volunteering

How to Make Friendships as an Adult

Making friendships is difficult at any age, but even more so when you’re an adult. If you are struggling to make meaningful connections with friends, don’t worry! Most experience this same difficulty, even before the pandemic. Adulthood introduces many difficulties and complications. Maybe you moved across the country for a job or grad school, now living in a city where you don’t know anyone. Maybe you lost touch with high school or college friends. Maybe adult responsibilities (job, school, cleaning, exercising, cooking meals—the day-to-day needs) fill up your day and you struggle to find time for friendships. We’ve put together some fun ways to make adult friends and expand your social circle. Making friendships is a numbers game. The more you put yourself out there, the more likely you are to find friends who match some of your interests and values. Instead of saying “I should,” repeat to yourself “I can” and try a few of these methods to make new and lasting friendships!  

7 Ways to Make Friendships as an Adult 

Join a new activity group.

Look for local groups or clubs or form your own! Join a cooking class to meet others who enjoy your hobby. Participate in a bi-weekly book club. Attend a weekly fitness class and get there early to join in some pre-workout conversations. When you’ve identified one or two members who could be friend material, invite them out for coffee or lunch afterward and exchange numbers to meet up in the future. If you have a dog, visit the local dog park once a week and strike up a conversation with fellow dog lovers. You can also arrange doggy playdates, where the humans can bond too! Try a few activities and see where you can find friends. Not every group will yield friendships, but don’t give up! Keep trying new things until you find friends you click with.  

Try an app to make friends.

Use apps like Bumble BFF, Meetup, Nextdoor, Peanut (an app for moms to make friends), Meet My Dog, or even TikTok. Start conversations online and then plan a meet-up in person. The best part about an app? You can strike up lots of conversations online, without the awkward in-person interaction, and see who you connect with the best. Even a broad social app like TikTok can be a platform for great friendships—but you have to take the lead first! Try posting a dance challenge, asking anyone on the app to dance battle you via video. See who responds and start a conversation in the app to begin a new friendship.  

Look for connections you already have.

Sometimes friends are right in front of you! Do you find you always have great conversations with your hairstylist, manicurist, or fitness trainer? Maybe they’re just being nice…or maybe they really like you. Invite them for a friend date like coffee or cocktails at the end of your session. You’ll never know unless you initiate an invitation. And keep in mind: great friends can be of any age.  

Volunteer and meet new people.

Volunteering is amazing by itself, because you are giving back. It’s also a great way to meet new people and make friends along the way! Try volunteering at a charity, a library, a nonprofit serving free meals, a school, a nursing home or a hospice care location. You’ll meet other adult volunteers in your work, where you can strike up conversations. You’ll also meet residents, at a nursing home for example, who may likewise be looking for friends.  

Host a bring-a-friend party.

Throw a small house party where you ask each guest to bring another friend. In adulthood, it’s common for friends to have different social circles. Some of your friends will have made other friends from work, activities, or their neighborhood. By encouraging your friends to bring one of theirs as a plus one, you will expand your social circle and meet some great people!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Attend interactive events.

Find local events where you can meet and interact with new people. Visit a brewery for trivia night. Attend a charcuterie-making class at a local shop. Join a community pilates class outside. Sign up for a cocktail-making class at a restaurant. These one-off activities offer, at the very least, interesting conversations, and ideally new friends!  

Boost your own self-esteem and confidence.

Last, and perhaps most importantly, it’s crucial to boost your own confidence to make friends. Do things that make yourself happier and healthier, whether it’s exercise, eating healthy, getting more sleep, or enjoying a hot bath every week. Confidence shows up in the way you walk, talk, and interact with others. When you are more confident, you will attract people to you. Make time for yourself first, and then grow your social circle.  

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How to Celebrate Galentine’s Day with Your BFFs

Just before Valentine’s Day, it’s time to celebrate the lovely lady friends in your life on Galentine’s Day! Taking place on February 13th, this unofficial holiday was first invented by the Parks and Rec television character Leslie Knope as a time of “ladies celebrating ladies.” So ditch the men in your life and have some meaningful time with your favorite gal pals. Galentine’s Day is a perfect time to support, uplift, and empower the beautiful women in your life. Here are some ways you can celebrate Galentine’s Day with your best friends and strengthen your friendships.

How to Celebrate Galentine’s Day with Your BFFs


Brunch and Drinks

Celebrate like Leslie Knope with her lady friends and enjoy a delicious brunch with drinks and small gifts. A personalized best friend book such as Book of Us can be customized for two friends with their names, appearance, and fun friendship quotes. Share stories and make lasting memories together. This special time will help you express gratitude for your friendships and grow closer together.


Weekend Girls’ Trip

Spend some quality time with the incredible women in your life by taking a trip together! Plan a quick road trip to see some natural wonders of the world. You may want to self-isolate for two weeks before and after the trip, to make sure everyone is safe. There’s nothing like a girls’ weekend getaway to celebrate your amazing friendship!


Spa Time in Pajamas

For a quieter and relaxing evening, put on your PJs and enjoy spa treatments at home. Give each other manicures and pedicures. Try out different face masks and take silly pictures. Pamper yourselves with a girls’ spa night. You deserve it, just for being awesome and powerful women!


Rom-Com Movie Night

Spend the night with your best friends watching trashy, cheesy, ooey-gooey romantic comedies that make you laugh, cry, eye-roll, and swoon. Pop in some classics like: When Harry Met Sally, Sixteen Candles, You’ve Got Mail, While You Were Sleeping, and Princess Bride. A rom-com movie night is a fun way to spend Galentine’s Day with your movie-loving gal pals!


Video Call Long-Distance BFFs

Just because you and your friends live far away doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate! Video call each other and have a Galentine’s Day celebration with your long-distance friends.


Wine Tasting

Visit your local winery for a Galentine’s Day wine tasting with your fave ladies! Make sure to bring one (or a few) bottles home for future girlfriend get-togethers. This is also a covid-friendly activity that can be enjoyed outdoors. If your state isn’t fully open yet and you can’t visit a winery, have everyone purchase some unusual-sounding wines and taste test them virtually on a zoom call!


Painting Party

A painting party is the perfect way to release your inner artiste! Go to a painting party at a local venue or organize your own at home with paint and canvases. Forget about creating a masterpiece and have fun being silly and creative with your friends! You can sit socially distant around a table or set up easels in your home that are six feet apart.


Game Night Potluck

Organize a girlfriend game night at your house for this special holiday! Ask a small group of friends to bring their favorite dish or dessert to the Galentine’s Day party, enough for everyone to enjoy. For an extra safe environment, hand out colorful face masks at the door that your friends can wear and take home. Game night brings everyone together for a celebration of your best female friendships.


The possibilities for celebrating are truly endless! But we hope these Galentine’s Day celebration ideas will help you plan a fun and meaningful event with your besties.


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7 Ways to Have an Epic Summer with Your BFF

Have a fun-filled summer with this list of activities for you and your best friend! Whether you’re looking to travel or enjoy the summer sunshine, we have an epic list of things to do with friends. Your best friend is like family—someone you can talk to about anything. With such a special bond, you deserve to plan an incredible summer together and make unforgettable memories. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune or plan an extravagant day. Any activity where you can laugh together is special. Check out these best friend activities for the ultimate summer vacation.​

Road trip to a new city.

Go on a fun adventure with your best friend to a city you’ve never visited. Road tripping gives you the freedom to explore, but on an affordable budget. Take in the beautiful views, karaoke to songs on the radio at the top of your lungs and feed each other snacks as you drive. Check out the city’s shopping area; visit a new restaurant; take funny pictures or a TikTok video. Before the day’s over, park at the top of a hill and watch the sunset. Summer days are gone before you know it. Make your best friend road trip one to remember.

affordable amusement park beach day best friend best friend activities best friend ideas  BFF bucket list budget friend workout health lifestylespend time with best friend summer activities summer beach hack summer ideas summer music festival summer plan summer road trip summer trip summer vacation things to do with friends TikTok wine tasting

Visit a summer music festival.

Tick this one off your best friend bucket list and attend a summer music festival in your area. Dance and party to your favorite tunes with your ride-or-die BFF. A summer music festival has everything: sun, food, eclectic musicians, and a feel-good summer vibe with exciting energy. Rev up your summer and find a summer music festival near you!

Plan the perfect beach day.

Spend an epic beach day with your best friend this summer! We have you covered to make this the best day ever. Create a summer playlist on your phone and bring a cooler with snacks. Freeze a water bottle to use as an ice pack while suntanning. When it melts you have fresh, icy cold water to drink. Another summer beach hack: Freeze Kool-Aid into ice cubes and enjoy plain or drink with vodka in a reusable cup.

Bar and burger hop around town.

Pick your favorite rideshare app and hop around town to the best bars and burger places. What’s better than sampling the best local draft beer your state has to offer and not having to drive?

Workout with weights at the gym.

Want to get that toned summer bod? Working out with a best friend is the perfect way to stay motivated and healthy. Best friend workouts are also more fun. If you ride the struggle bus when it comes to pushing through a long workout, talking and joking with a friend makes everything feel easier. Grab brunch afterward as a reward for burning those calories.

Visit an amusement park.

When was the last time you rode a roller coaster or ate cotton candy? Summer is the perfect time to act like a silly kid and indulge your inner child! Go all out at the amusement park. Get soaking wet on the water rides. Play the carnival games to win a stuffed animal. Eat all the junk food. Splurge on a whole day of pure fun.

Attend a wine tasting.

Drinks with friends is always a good time! Find a wine tasting event at a local winery and sip the summer day away. Check out the winery’s event calendar to see if they are holding themed wine nights so you can choose your favorite. You can also host a wine party at your house! Just grab a few bottles of wine and create a simple charcuterie board. A wine tasting or wine party is a fun and classy way to spend time with your best friend this summer. Pour the rosé and enjoy a taste of summer.

backpack through Europe best friend trip best friend vacation BFF road trip BFF trip Book of Us cross-country road trip custom book glamping Labor Day weekend Las Vegas long weekend vacation personalized best friend gift road trip summer road trip travel ideas travel tips trip ideas trip planning vacation ideas vacation planning

5 BFF Trip Ideas: Affordable Vacation Planning with Your Best Friend

Make unforgettable memories with your best friend this year and plan an epic BFF trip! These five trip ideas promise laughter and fun at affordable prices. Best friend getaways are the perfect time to grow even closer together, so why wait to start your next adventure! 

Labor Day weekend trip to Vegas 

Unwind with your best friend with a long weekend vacation that has everything: pools, warm weather, casinos, shopping, fine dining, clubs for dancing, and dazzling shows. Las Vegas offers some of the best hotel deals during Labor Day weekend. Share a room to split costs, purchase discount show tickets on the strip, and forget taxi costs because you can walk everywhere or take the free tram! Be sure to check out the Bellagio fountain show and the Mirage fountain show.  

Condo rental on the beach 

Enjoy a luxury best friend getaway without the hefty price tag of a four-star hotel! Online rental sites like Airbnb™ offer affordable condo rentals right on the beach. Stock the fridge with food and snacks and spend your days relaxing on the beach.  

Best friend road trip across country 

Grab your bestie and take an amazing cross-country road trip together! A summer road trip is the perfect adventure for making new memories. Be sure to snap pics along the way! When the vacation is over, create a personalized best friend gift such as the Book of Us™. Customize the book with funny stories or quotes from your adventures together and remember your vacation forever! BFF road trips aren’t just about sightseeing—they’re about the little things too: singing road songs in the car, feeding each other snacks while driving, watching the sunset, and telling each other funny stories and secrets. This best friend vacation is the perfect way to live your best life, spending it with someone you love!  

Glamping in California 

Take the traditional camping trip to the next level with this best friend vacation! A glamping trip combines the beauty of nature with comfortable accommodations. California offers beautiful weather year-round and gorgeous places to go glamping. Stay in a luxury tent with electricity and running water, a ranch, a mountain park, a luxe RV, or even a safari tent in the heart of wine country on the Sonoma Serengeti! Bond with your bestie on this summer vacay.  

Backpack through Europe (on the cheap!)  

A best friend trip to Europe might seem beyond your budget, but it’s definitely within reach! Backpacking through Europe is an exciting and affordable trip for you and your bestie. The most expensive part is the round-trip flight. Check out flight deals on Expedia,, and other online discount sites. You can also save up and use a program like Delta Skymiles®  to comp your flight. Consider a rail pass like Eurail Pass to travel between countries. This pass is a single ticket that allows unlimited travel on nearly every train in Europe! Review all the rail pass options and select the best one for your travel needs. As you hop to different countries, book your stay through Airbnb™ or stay at hostels for affordable accommodations. The best part about Europe is that sightseeing is free! There are countless monuments, buildings, and free museums to visit and explore.  

A BFF trip is the best way to make lifelong memories! Take a vacation with someone you love and grow stronger together. You will remember this vacation for years to come.  

Resources: ​

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5 Ways to Keep Your Long-Distance Friendship Strong

Keep your friendship strong when your best friend moves long-distance with these simple and fun tips. When your best friend moves away, it can put a strain on the relationship. But when you set aside some time each week and put in the effort, your friendship can become stronger than before. Avoid getting stuck in your own head, thinking about miles and separation, and focus on your strong bond. These ways to maintain your friendship will make a powerful impact in the long run.  

Use a video chat App like Marco Polo.  

Find creative ways to communicate with a video chat app like Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, or our recommended app: Marco Polo. These video chat apps make communicating simple and easy. Use an app on your phone for talking on-the-go. The Marco Polo app is especially easy to use because it enables you to record and send videos to your friend—like a friendship YouTube channel! Access your phone anytime and watch the latest video from your best friend, without having to live chat. With the ability to record videos around your schedule, you’ll maintain your friendship with ease. It’s also fun having a video to look forward to after a long work day!  

One of Book of Us’ employees personally uses Marco Polo to send videos to her long-distance best friend every day! She says, “I’ve known my best friend for fifteen years. When she moved to a different state years ago, we started using a video chat app to stay in touch. We are now better friends than we ever were living in the same state. Like making a video diary, I feel like I can send her videos about everything happening in my life. Any time I watch a video, it’s like she’s in the room with me.” 

Talk weekly, even daily, by email, phone, or social media.  

 Schedule time to chat weekly, or daily, to maintain a strong and healthy long-distance friendship. It’s easy to be discouraged by the lack of proximity or feel jealous that your friend might be forming other friendships. These feelings will subside, and things will feel more “normal”, the more you communicate with your friend. Regular chats will maintain a solid foundation and strengthen your bond.   

Be honest in your communication. Don’t sugar coat your feelings!  

In the same way it’s easy to “fake it” on social media, it’s dangerously appealing to pretend with long-distance friends and gloss over our true feelings. Stay honest and tell your friend what’s bugging you or stressing you out. Tell your friend how much you miss them—don’t be afraid to communicate your sadness or frustration. This line of honest communication will bring you closer together.  

Send surprise packages and presents.  

Surprise your best friend with fun packages of goodies and presents! Include your friend’s favorite candy, movie, and popcorn. A personalized book such as Book of Us™  is a thoughtful gift, customized with your memories and photos— a loving reminder of your friendship. Holidays are also a perfect time to connect with our best friends. Send handwritten holiday cards at Halloween and Christmas. If your friend is sick, care packages show you are thinking about them on the daily. The occasional best friend gift is a thoughtful way to stay connected in a long-distance friendship and bring a smile to your friend.  

Take a best friend trip.  

Travel with your best friend on an epic best friend trip and make new memories together. A best friend trip doesn’t have to break the bank either. Travel to where they live for a quick weekend getaway and spend time together doing all the simple things you can’t do now, like chatting over coffee, getting a mani-pedi, catching up over lunch and drinks, or taking a hike or a walk. If your budget is more flexible, take an exciting girlfriend getaway or guys vacay at a destination spot. If you need inspiration for traveling with your bestie, here are some vacation ideas to travel with your best friend:  

San Diego, California: Bike, hike and swim on a warm and sunny weekend adventure. 

New York, New York: Take in a Broadway show, eat a slice of pizza in Times Square, and visit the museums.  

New Orleans, Louisiana: Enjoy a guided tour of the city while munching on beignets and po-boys.  

Nashville, Tennessee: Rock out to the best live music and dance in your finest cowboy boots.  

Miami, Florida: This sunny destination spot features stunning beaches and pools. Pick a hotel with a spa and relish a tranquil day of pampering.  

Las Vegas, Nevada: Vacations at Vegas are fun and inexpensive, with plenty of hotel deals year-round. Splurge on a Cirque du Soleil show, spend a day shopping at the Forum Shops in Caesars Palace, and relax by the pool for some best friend R&R.  

Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida: Release your inner Harry Potter nerd and geek out at the most magical place on earth! Harry Potter World at Universal Studios is a perfect best friend vacation, with detailed theme rides, Butterbeer (try the soft serve Butterbeer ice cream!), and shopping galore.  

Austin, Texas: If you and your bestie are foodie fiends, Austin boasts some of the best barbeque and Tex-Mex. Enjoy the beautiful weather, take a food tour around the city, and enjoy the city’s live-music scene.  

Along with these long-distance friendship tips, remember: friendship is an ever-evolving relationship. Friendships will change over time, and distance can make an impact. But speaking on a weekly basis, staying honest to your true feelings, and finding time to travel together will further your friendship.  ​


Book of Us conflict resolution fighting with friend friend argument friend communication friend conflict friend fight friendship conflict how to resolve conflict with a best friend personalized best friend book personalized friend book problem solving ideas resolve conflict

How to Resolve Conflicts with a Best Friend

Even with your closest friendships, you will likely encounter a time when you need to resolve conflicts with a best friend. Fighting with friends is never easy. But dealing with conflict can make you and your BFF better as individuals and as friends. Conflicts can strengthen a relationship, improving your communication and emotional bond once you have resolved it. Whether you are experiencing conflict now or want tips for the future, it’s always helpful to learn friendship conflict resolution.

Address the conflict soon—don’t wait!

If you wait to address the conflict with your best friend, bad feelings and negative thoughts can fester and grow. Like popcorn in the microwave, you let things stay heated too long and it burns up—ruining what you had. Try waiting 24 hours for the dust to settle and then talk to your friend.

Communicate from both points of view.

Try to see both sides. Your perspective is your reality. Your friend’s perspective is their reality. Both perspectives are valid. When you talk to your friend, keep an open mind and an empathetic point of view. See the situation from their side. Avoid statements that begin with “You did” or “You said.” Communicate with “feelings statements” such as “I feel…” regarding the conflict and ask your friend how they feel. Make sure you are focused on the current conflict. Bringing up past conflicts or feelings will only make the situation worse. Stay in the moment and be in the here and now.

Convey your honest feelings and be vulnerable.

Tell your friend honestly how you feel. Even if you aren’t sure you are the one to blame for initiating the conflict, apologize. It’s important to acknowledge that you are sorry for the fight and sorry for your part in it. Take responsibility so you can both move forward. Be courageous by showing your vulnerability. When your best friend hears your honest, genuine feelings, it’s likely he or she will reciprocate positively.

Suggest solutions for moving forward and be a sensitive listener.

Problem-solve this friend conflict by suggesting ways you can come together again. This may involve making personal sacrifices or compromises. Sometimes you can’t both get everything you want. Try to be solution-minded and propose ways you can come together. But along with offering solutions, be a sensitive listen and let your friend speak. Maybe they have ideas for resolving the conflict, allowing you to form a solution together.

Move on from the past.

Once your conflict is resolved, move forward with your best friend and don’t keep thinking about the past. The more you work out these conflicts, the more you will learn and grow together. Mending this rift means you will have the skill set to handle conflicts even better in the future. Healthy relationships take work. But love for your BFF makes it all worth it!

Dedicate time reminiscing about your favorite friendship memories.

Recall your favorite friend moments together and remember why you became friends in the first place. Sometimes recalling these memories can help you focus on the positive aspects of your relationship. Laugh and have fun together! Open up a photo book, or a personalized friend book such as the Book of Us™. A personalized book of photos and loving messages can rekindle the fun and laughter in your friendship.

Resolving conflict with a best friend can be painful, but it’s also necessary in order to move forward and deepen your relationship. Try these tips the next time you have a scuffle with your BFF. Your loving friendships are worth fighting for!