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11 Free Date Ideas You’ll Love

There’s no need to spend a cent because we’ve found the best date ideas that are free! Dropping a lot of money on an expensive dinner is no guarantee you’ll have a great time. Dating is all about spending romantic, quality time together. When you take money out of the equation, you’ll find some creative and unique ways to make lasting memories. The next time you’re planning date night, try one of these free date ideas. Your partner will be seriously impressed at how much you can do when you save!  

11 Date Ideas That Are Completely Free  

Spend the day at a free zoo.  

Many states have funded zoos and conservatories that have completely free attendance. Plan a free day date watching the animals and bring your own snacks to save on food cost!  

Hike at your local state park.  

Hike the trails and enjoy each other’s company. Nature provides a romantic backdrop for your date, where you can hold hands and kiss among the forest trees like a cheesy rom-com movie couple. There’s usually free street parking along the highways and you can bring your own energy snacks. Take lots of pics for the ‘gram and make a silly TikTok video to capture the moment.  

Take a scenic drive. 

Visit a place you’ve always wanted to go like a cute beach town, a flower farm, a historic monument or a sculpture garden. Pre-make iced coffee at home and hit the road with a killer playlist. The car ride adventure to get there is half the fun!  

Host a game date at home.  

Challenge your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner to game-palooza! Play a variety of board games, dice games, and video games. Then end the night with a sexy game for two.  

Visit a comedy club.  

Attend open mic night at a comedy club, where attendance is free as long as you find a seat. There’s no better date than laughing together…or cringing at the bad jokes!  

Attend a university concert.  

Take in a free concert at your local university! Look at the college’s schedule of music events and attend your local university’s symphony orchestra concert that’s free to the public. This is a great way to take in beautiful music and enjoy a romantic music date.  

Enjoy a free fitness class.  

Find a free fitness class in your area. Many cafes and breweries host free barre or yoga classes throughout the year. Get your sweat on and have fun!  

Make something together.  

Get crafty and make or bake something together. A few ideas: bake a cake, cook a new meal, put a Lego set together, make a photo book, or whip up fun cocktails for an at-home happy hour. You’ll make something new and make happy memories too!  

Watch a movie in the park.  

Check out your city’s parks and recreation board site to find programs like “Music and Movies in the Parks.” Plan a romantic picnic date and watch a free outdoor movie in the park.  

Enjoy spa day at home.  

Bring the relaxation of the spa to you and enjoy a spa day for two. Light candles, play soothing music, and give each other back massages. Then get cozy in your pajamas and access free movies from your local library to watch at home.  

Ride bike together.  

Take a long scenic bike ride together. If you need a rest, stop at a local park and share headphones to listen to an audiobook from your phone.