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7 Halloween Activities – Fright This Way! 

Celebrate Halloween with the best activities that you can do with your friends, your partner or solo. We’ve got you covered with all-day spooky fun that will slay your guests (not literally)! Whether you want to host a Halloween party to ghoul-for or spend the day like a fall Hallmark movie heroine, these ideas will put you in a harvest moon mood! We love the idea of turning an activity into a romantic fall date. But if you need some weekend self-care, treat yourself to an activity solo. Most important of all, make some hauntingly good memories this Halloween season!  

7 Halloween Activities for an Epic Autumn 

Have a reel good time with costumes.

Turn your Halloween costume silliness into a video reel moment. Dress up in the most spooktacular outfit, add make-up and dance to a trending tune—probably a new version of “Chrissy Wake Up.” We also love the idea of turning your video into a Halloween costume runway and strutting in couple’s costumes with your best friend or partner.  


Host a ‘Drop-Dead Fabulous’ Halloween party.

Invite your best ghouls to a Halloween bash where everyone dresses up like a fabulously dead famous person. Choose a celebrity, a person in history, a book character—get creative! As an ice breaker, ask each guest to answer the question: Why am I fabulous? The other guests can then guess who they are dressed up as. Because the theme is “fabulous,” decorate your party room in Halloween glam style, with black and gold. Remember to snap lots of pics, because you’ll take those memories to the grave!  


Hold a pumpkin-carving contest.

Pumpkin carving is a classic activity that’s also budget friendly. Hold your own pumpkin carving contest with a romantic partner or a group of friends and see who wins the “best steady hand” award. Just moved and want to make new friends? Pretend you got an extra pumpkin for free at the grocery store and invite a neighbor over for some friendly carving competition. It might sound dumb, but there’s something so satisfying about lighting up your pumpkin and taking a picture in the dark.  


Enjoy a night under the stars.

Invite friends over for a bonfire where you can listen to music, tell silly or scary ghost stories, and roast s’mores. Chilly October evenings set the mood for the perfect bonfire. This activity is a great way to connect with friends, make new ones, and get in the Halloween spirit.  


Spend an entire day doing all the best and basic fall things. 

We’re planning the perfect October day with our favorite activities! Start your morning wearing a cozy plaid flannel and grab a PSL and a pumpkin muffin. Drive to the closest apple orchard, video a TikTok or two, and get enough apples and spiced donuts to last until Halloween. Pick up orange lights and hang them in your bedroom. Light a pumpkin spice candle, put on the perfect Halloween flick like Hocus Pocus, and dine on pumpkin butternut squash soup (courtesy of Trader Joe’s).  


Trick or treat yourself to a wine and dine night.

Make your own pumpkin cocktails and create a Halloween charcuterie board. For the snack board, include cranberry cinnamon cheese, pumpkin seed crackers, cinnamon-spiced almonds, apples with caramel dip, and an assortment of meat. Once your adult lunchable is ready and a drink is in hand, put on a Halloween movie and you’re all set for a bewitching night.  


Surprise your boo with a Halloween day date.

Take your partner on a surprise date like visiting a corn maze, taking a fall hike, or going to a haunted house. They’ll love that you thought of them to plan the day! One of these activities can also help you grow even closer, as you spend Halloween together.