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Birthday Party Ideas for Adults: Kick Back and Have Fun! 

Let loose this year with these unique and exciting birthday party ideas for adults! You are never too old to have the ultimate birthday party celebration. Forget “adulting” for one day and party with your friends and family for an adult birthday bash.  

Throw a cocktail party. 

Experiment mixing cocktails at someone’s home or rent a private room in a cocktail lounge and have a fancy evening out.  

Have a spa day.  

Spend the day at the spa and get some much-needed R&R. This adult birthday party idea lets your party guests spend time together relaxing and detoxing.  

Charter a yacht or party on a booze cruise.  

Splurge on a luxury birthday party across the open water. Watch the sunset and toast to another year of friendship and laughter. Your birthday only comes once a year, so start off another year older with an incredible adventure.  

Plan a murder mystery dinner party.  

Have a killer adult birthday party, featuring dinner and a murder. Ask guests to dress ahead of time and give each person a character description. At the party, guests mingle to learn about each other. When the murder occurs, it’s up to you to figure out who dunnit! Place your bets and discover the murderer at the end of the night. Party guests can also win small prizes for best dressed, best acting, etc.  

Host a bake swap and games night.  

Ask guests to bring a baked good to share with everyone. Swap treats and play board games through the night.  

DIY a themed bar crawl.  

Bar hop to your favorite places for a drink with friends—but make the night unforgettable with a fun birthday party theme! Party like it’s the 80’s and dress in clothing from the decade. Plan a Harry Potter bar crawl and ask guests to dress up like characters from the Harry Potter films. If you have a birthday around Halloween, make a ghoul of yourself at a zombie pub crawl with full zombie makeup.  

Set up a gourmet burger bar and beer making party. 

This adult birthday party is all about eating and drinking all day long! Set up a table with gourmet burger toppings (pineapple, maple bacon, spicy coleslaw, sautéed mushrooms, homemade guacamole) and let birthday party guests build their own gourmet burger to their taste. Then wash it down with homemade beer. Party guests can all participate in a beer making party in the garage. There’s nothing better than drinking a beer you brewed yourself! Guests can take home the extra bottles as adult birthday party favors (or keep them on hand for your next football game-day party). 

Enter your birthday party guests into a trivia night.  

Make a reservation for trivia night at a local bar or restaurant and enter birthday party guests as a trivia team. Pick a favorite theme night—like Star Wars, Disney, or Big Bang Theory—and get ready to crush the competition over drinks and appetizers.  

Throw a birthday party casino night.  

This birthday party for adults brings Las Vegas to your home and requires little set up. Ask birthday party guests to dress in their finest gambling attire and sit at tables arranged for poker play.  

With the party planning in full swing, you’ll also want to think about birthday gifts. Here are some birthday gift ideas for adults that are thoughtful and “wow-worthy”. Check out our recommended birthday gift ideas for adults

pride month pride gift pride gifts for adults LGBTQrainbow gift stonewall riots greenwich village Book of Us personalized gift for adults personalized book coming out gift basket yoga self-love acceptance flower cupcakes TikTok tiktok hydro-dip hydro dip rainbow shoes partner gay best friend friend gift

​Pride Gifts for All Your Loved Ones

Celebrate pride year-round with these thoughtful LGBTQ gifts for all your loved ones. Whether you want to send love to a romantic partner or show support to your gay best friend, these pride gifts say, “I love you and I’m proud of you.” Pride Month is an annual celebration in June, to commemorate the 1960 Stonewall Riots (also known as the Stonewall Uprising) in Greenwich Village, New York. These riots served as a catalyst for the gay rights movement in the United States. Today we celebrate activists’ efforts with Pride and embrace our authentic selves. This Pride Month, spread the love with fun and unique presents for all your loved ones! ​

Pride Gift List

​Hydro-Dipped Rainbow Shoes

Send them bright, rainbow vibes with handmade, custom shoes they can wear year-round! Hydro-dipping is a viral phenomenon and we can see why. This unique process turns your boring sneakers into a prism of colors. Just purchase their favorite pair of shoes in white and get dipping. Besides how cool they look, your gay bestie or partner will also appreciate the time and effort that went into making them! Rainbow gifts are especially perfect for all your LGBTQ friends.

Pride Month TikTok Video

Pride gifts don’t have to cost a thing! Show your loved ones how much you care by sending them a fun TikTok video they can play over and over. Get your friends involved and make a surprise video of love and support.

Book of Us®

Show your romantic partner how much you love them with the personalized Book of Us! This custom book is a unique, creative way to say, “I love you, now and always.” Customize this pride gift with your names, two illustrated characters that resemble you both, and loving messages. You can write about your love story on the back cover and even customize the book title—theme it to Pride Month with titles like “Happy Pride! 4 Years Together” or “I’m Proud to Love You.” Express your love and gratitude to a partner with a gift that shows all the ways you spend time together. Book of Us also supports the One Love Foundation, so you can feel good knowing your pride gift gives back!

Coming Out Support Package

For your friend who’s just come out, give him or her a care package of goodies that celebrates their big announcement. This gift basket could include: calming tea and bath salts (for those who need to de-stress after making such a huge life decision), an journal full of inspirational quotes, rainbow-colored candy, and a picture frame of you both—a constant reminder that you are proud to be their friend.

Meditative Yoga Class

Yoga is a series of empowering poses that takes you on a journey to self-love. Both meditative and strengthening, a yoga class guides you to find a peaceful relationship with your body—finding self-compassion and self-love. Pride Month is likewise a time to embrace your authentic self and to radiate your power and self-acceptance. This Pride gift is a joyful activity you can do together—even remotely if the class is online—bringing you even closer as friends or partners.

Rainbow Heart Cross-Stitch

Give them a gift from the heart with a cross-stitch hoop that beautifully displays a rainbow heart. Perfect for the home décor lover, this lasting gift can be hung on the wall or placed on a bedside table.

Rainbow Flower Bouquet and Glitter Cupcakes

Wish happy Pride to the LGBTQ person in your life with a colorful bouquet and edible sparkles! Arrange flowers in rainbow colors and tie the stems together with rainbow ribbon. Bake confetti cupcakes and add edible glitter to your frosting for a sparkalicious treat.

Pride Month is a time to show love and celebrate. Spread the love to your LGBTQ community with gifts from the heart. ​

pride month pride gift pride gifts for adults LGBTQrainbow gift stonewall riots greenwich village Book of Us personalized gift for adults personalized book coming out gift basket yoga self-love acceptance flower cupcakes TikTok tiktok hydro-dip hydro dip rainbow shoes partner gay best friend friend gift

Resources: ​

best friend birthday birthday gift ideas birthday gifts for adults birthday ideas birthday present Book of Us boyfriend birthday boyfriend gift creative birthday gifts creative gift idea girlfriend birthday girlfriend gift personalized birthday book personalized bookwife birthday

30 Creative Birthday Gift Ideas for Adults

Celebrate your friend or family member with a birthday gift they will love. These creative birthday gift ideas for adults are thoughtful and personal. Birthdays are important milestones at any age. But it can be difficult to shop for an adult, who seems to have everything already. Think outside the box when shopping for your next birthday present, whether you are looking for a wife’s birthday gift, a birthday present for a girlfriend or boyfriend, or a birthday surprise for a best friend.  

Creative Birthday Gifts for Adults:  

  1. Beer making kit
  2. Weighted blanket
  3. Wine box subscription
  4. Insulated tumbler
  5. Murder mystery subscription box 
  6. Monogrammed luggage (easy to find on the baggage carousel!)  
  7. Book of Us™: a personalized book full of loving messages and birthday wishes—the perfect custom birthday gift. And every purchase supports the One Love Foundation.
  8. Cards Against Humanity party game 
  9. Broadway show tickets
  10. Yard dice or a lawn bowling kit
  11. Cocktail-flavored gummies (try Champagne or bourbon-infused gummy bears!)
  12. Chopsticks for the ramen lover
  13. Shoe lights for running at night
  14. Collapsible colander
  15. Convertible backpack purse
  16. Rose gold makeup brushes
  17. Upcycled charcuterie platter
  18. Rainbow shot glasses
  19. Nose-canceling headphones
  20. Fitness tracker
  21. Record player and vinyls
  22. Inflatable hammock
  23. Selfie ring light
  24. Mini Instant Pot™
  25. Hot-air hair brush
  26. Instant camera
  27. Mobile phone printer
  28. Netflix subscription
  29. Quesadilla maker
  30. Essential oil diffuser

Find the best birthday gifts for your loved one and make this birthday extra special! These creative birthday gift ideas will surprise them with new ways to enjoy life.   ​

best friend best friend trip Book of Us friend advice friend communication friend gift gift ideas girlfriend getaway keep friendship strong long distance friendship tips long-distance best friend long-distance friend long-distance friendship personalized book social media travel ideasvacation ideas video chat appweekend getaway

5 Ways to Keep Your Long-Distance Friendship Strong

Keep your friendship strong when your best friend moves long-distance with these simple and fun tips. When your best friend moves away, it can put a strain on the relationship. But when you set aside some time each week and put in the effort, your friendship can become stronger than before. Avoid getting stuck in your own head, thinking about miles and separation, and focus on your strong bond. These ways to maintain your friendship will make a powerful impact in the long run.  

Use a video chat App like Marco Polo.  

Find creative ways to communicate with a video chat app like Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, or our recommended app: Marco Polo. These video chat apps make communicating simple and easy. Use an app on your phone for talking on-the-go. The Marco Polo app is especially easy to use because it enables you to record and send videos to your friend—like a friendship YouTube channel! Access your phone anytime and watch the latest video from your best friend, without having to live chat. With the ability to record videos around your schedule, you’ll maintain your friendship with ease. It’s also fun having a video to look forward to after a long work day!  

One of Book of Us’ employees personally uses Marco Polo to send videos to her long-distance best friend every day! She says, “I’ve known my best friend for fifteen years. When she moved to a different state years ago, we started using a video chat app to stay in touch. We are now better friends than we ever were living in the same state. Like making a video diary, I feel like I can send her videos about everything happening in my life. Any time I watch a video, it’s like she’s in the room with me.” 

Talk weekly, even daily, by email, phone, or social media.  

 Schedule time to chat weekly, or daily, to maintain a strong and healthy long-distance friendship. It’s easy to be discouraged by the lack of proximity or feel jealous that your friend might be forming other friendships. These feelings will subside, and things will feel more “normal”, the more you communicate with your friend. Regular chats will maintain a solid foundation and strengthen your bond.   

Be honest in your communication. Don’t sugar coat your feelings!  

In the same way it’s easy to “fake it” on social media, it’s dangerously appealing to pretend with long-distance friends and gloss over our true feelings. Stay honest and tell your friend what’s bugging you or stressing you out. Tell your friend how much you miss them—don’t be afraid to communicate your sadness or frustration. This line of honest communication will bring you closer together.  

Send surprise packages and presents.  

Surprise your best friend with fun packages of goodies and presents! Include your friend’s favorite candy, movie, and popcorn. A personalized book such as Book of Us™  is a thoughtful gift, customized with your memories and photos— a loving reminder of your friendship. Holidays are also a perfect time to connect with our best friends. Send handwritten holiday cards at Halloween and Christmas. If your friend is sick, care packages show you are thinking about them on the daily. The occasional best friend gift is a thoughtful way to stay connected in a long-distance friendship and bring a smile to your friend.  

Take a best friend trip.  

Travel with your best friend on an epic best friend trip and make new memories together. A best friend trip doesn’t have to break the bank either. Travel to where they live for a quick weekend getaway and spend time together doing all the simple things you can’t do now, like chatting over coffee, getting a mani-pedi, catching up over lunch and drinks, or taking a hike or a walk. If your budget is more flexible, take an exciting girlfriend getaway or guys vacay at a destination spot. If you need inspiration for traveling with your bestie, here are some vacation ideas to travel with your best friend:  

San Diego, California: Bike, hike and swim on a warm and sunny weekend adventure. 

New York, New York: Take in a Broadway show, eat a slice of pizza in Times Square, and visit the museums.  

New Orleans, Louisiana: Enjoy a guided tour of the city while munching on beignets and po-boys.  

Nashville, Tennessee: Rock out to the best live music and dance in your finest cowboy boots.  

Miami, Florida: This sunny destination spot features stunning beaches and pools. Pick a hotel with a spa and relish a tranquil day of pampering.  

Las Vegas, Nevada: Vacations at Vegas are fun and inexpensive, with plenty of hotel deals year-round. Splurge on a Cirque du Soleil show, spend a day shopping at the Forum Shops in Caesars Palace, and relax by the pool for some best friend R&R.  

Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida: Release your inner Harry Potter nerd and geek out at the most magical place on earth! Harry Potter World at Universal Studios is a perfect best friend vacation, with detailed theme rides, Butterbeer (try the soft serve Butterbeer ice cream!), and shopping galore.  

Austin, Texas: If you and your bestie are foodie fiends, Austin boasts some of the best barbeque and Tex-Mex. Enjoy the beautiful weather, take a food tour around the city, and enjoy the city’s live-music scene.  

Along with these long-distance friendship tips, remember: friendship is an ever-evolving relationship. Friendships will change over time, and distance can make an impact. But speaking on a weekly basis, staying honest to your true feelings, and finding time to travel together will further your friendship.  ​


activities better you Book of Us bucket list trip confidence cope with stress creative activity get more sleep health healthy community healthy eating healthy lifestyle hygge home mindfulness New Year Resolution personalized book practice self-care reduce stress say yes self care self-care self-esteem self-talk sleep schedule stresstherapy wellness stress management

9 Ways to Practice Self-Care for a Better You

For this year’s New Year’s resolutions, focus on overall health and wellness, making yourself a priority. Here are nine ways to practice self-care for a better you. By focusing on self-care this year, you will become stronger physically and mentally. Build your self-esteem and confidence with these self-care tips you can practice throughout the year.

The trick about self-care is that it’s all about practice. It requires focus and effort. You may find yourself falling into familiar patterns, focusing on tasks and responsibilities. But it’s equally important to make time for yourself. Self-care is the effort of putting yourself first. This year it’s all about you! We hope these self-care suggestions give you a daily dose of happiness and peace.

9 Ways to Practice Self-Care for a Better You

1. Focus on getting enough sleep.

Sleep can have a huge effect on your emotional and physical state. Consider your nightly routine and ways to improve. Try to avoid caffeine and sugar before bed. Make sure your bedroom is dark—blackout shades are life changing! Stay away from your computer, phone, and tablet before bed. The stress of being an adult can sometimes mean it’s harder to self-soothe compared to when we were children. Find ways to relax and decompress. Listen to music, read a book, or meditate. Above all, establish a sleep schedule. Go to bed the same time every night and wake up the same time every morning. This steady routine will help you stick to the schedule and get plenty of rest.

2. Eat healthy and get into a self-care eating routine.

Eating healthy can boost your energy level, improve your physical health, and enhance your overall happiness as a result. Try to eat healthy meals regularly. Create a schedule and eat meals at the same time each day. Avoid eating or snacking after 7pm because your body is less likely to break down and process the food. Take care of yourself by taking care of your food health.

activities better you Book of Us bucket list trip confidence cope with stress creative activity get more sleep health healthy community healthy eating healthy lifestyle hygge home mindfulness New Year Resolution personalized book practice self-care reduce stress say yes self care self-care self-esteem self-talk sleep schedule stresstherapy wellness stress management

3. Say yes to fun activities weekly without the guilt. 

Put yourself first and do things that make you happy every week. Avoid guilt-tripping yourself like, “I should be working” or “I could be cleaning.” Push aside those negative thoughts and make yourself a priority. Do things that you love—either alone or with friends—like reading, bicycling, watching your favorite movie, eating dessert at a café, visiting a museum or the zoo. Set aside time to have fun!

4. Make a list of fun to-dos each month.

If you love lists and checking boxes, this self-care practice is for you! Journal a list of activities you want to do each month. By listing them out, you’ll be more likely to do them. Cross them off or check the box every time you finish one. Create a list of activities big and small. For example, here is a possible list for February: eat a piece of chocolate cake, join a fun run, host a Galentine’s Day party, watch a favorite movie, sleep in on Saturdays, knit a scarf. Don’t make a crazy list you can’t finish. Instead, try listing activities that are simple, easy, and fun. When you look at the completed list, you’ll feel good knowing you devoted time to self-care.

5. Make time for self-care trips.

Take a self-care trip every now and then to disconnect and rejuvenate. Whether you go on a big bucket list trip or a mini road trip, a self-care vacation can make a big difference in your mental health and wellness. Schedule weekends when you can get away. Nature and beach trips are perfect for unwinding. City trips introduce new cultures and amazing sights. Even a trip to another local town helps you escape your regular routine. Boost your health and happiness with some dedicated self-care time.

6. Show up for others to build a healthy community.

An important part of self-care is providing support to others. If you want positive, healthy support from others, you also need to reciprocate. Healthy relationships are two-way. By giving and receiving, you will build a healthy community of friends and family who care. They will show up for you when you need them. Self-care isn’t about isolating yourself. It’s about giving time to yourself as well as spending time with others who build your confidence, self-esteem, and healthy mindset. You will also feel good when you provide support to someone else.

Doing something kind for someone else is a great way to provide support. Surprise a friend or romantic partner with a thoughtful gift, such as the Book of Us™. This custom book about love is full of kind, sentimental messages that will make your loved ones feel special and valued.

7. Create a hygge space in your home that’s just for you.

Design a corner or small spot in your home that has all your favorite things. Create your space with “hygge” in mind. If you haven’t come across the hygge trend yet, “hygge” is a Danish word—without a direct translation—that generally means a feeling of cozy contentment and enjoying the simple things. Embrace hygge by designing a spot in your home with warm blankets, a good book, candles, hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, twinkling lights, pictures of friends and family, and self-care products like nail polish, face masks, and body lotion. This inviting space will encourage you to relax and enjoy a few self-care hours in cozy happiness.

activities better you Book of Us bucket list trip confidence cope with stress creative activity get more sleep health healthy community healthy eating healthy lifestyle hygge home mindfulness New Year Resolution personalized book practice self-care reduce stress say yes self care self-care self-esteem self-talk sleep schedule stresstherapy wellness stress management

8. Find a creative outlet.

Discover a creative activity you love that also helps release emotions. Self-expressive activities focus your mind, pushing out negative or persistent thoughts. They also help manage stress. If you are looking for a creative outlet, you can paint, draw, crochet, craft, write poetry, or take up an instrument. Express yourself through creativity to work out problems, cope with stress, and embrace the beauty all around you.

9. Schedule an appointment with a counselor.

Counselors can help teach mindfulness and self-talk techniques for making a better you. Therapy isn’t just for those who are experiencing extreme anxiety or depression. Therapy is for everyone, to help establish a positive state of mind and to handle day-to-day frustrations a little lighter. Speaking with a counselor is self-care for your mind and emotions. Consider therapy to build an even greater love for yourself and those around you.

Resources :

anniversary anniversary activities anniversary celebration ideas anniversary ideas anniversary photoshoot cooking class for couples couple's activities first anniversary romantic anniversary tenth anniversary ways to celebrate anniversary wedding anniversary how to celebrate an anniversary things to do couples photoshoot date night ideas anniversary date night 1st anniversary 1st anniversary ideas anniversary gift Book of Us personalized anniversary gift

9 Romantic Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Whether you are commemorating your first kiss, first date, or wedding anniversary, here are some romantic and thoughtful ways to celebrate your special anniversary day. These creative tips will help you bond even closer to your special someone in a memorable way. An anniversary is meant to be spent doing activities that are unique and personal to your relationship. Find one of these anniversary date ideas and mark the milestone by making memories to last a lifetime.   

Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Sign up for a rum tasting and cocktail class.   

Spend an evening sipping rum from around the world and learn how to make your own cocktails, like a rum old fashioned. Many rum tasting events also include appetizers and live music. This unique and interactive experience is a fun way to celebrate any kind of anniversary.   

Spend the night at a local Bed and Breakfast.   

With such a special occasion as an anniversary, it’s time to splurge and have a luxurious, romantic weekend at a Bed and Breakfast. Unlike a hotel, a Bed and Breakfast has a more intimate, “homey” feel and comes with a homemade breakfast. Fewer bedrooms mean more privacy for you and your other half to relax comfortably.   

Spice up your night in the bathtub.  

Anniversaries don’t have to mean expensive gifts and elaborate trips. Sometimes, the best anniversary date night means cuddling in a warm bath. Busy schedules don’t always leave time for intimacy. On your next anniversary, spend a quiet night at home giving each other the attention and affection you both deserve.   

Hold a couple’s photoshoot with a professional photographer.  

Capture your special anniversary day with a couple’s photoshoot. Decorate a home wall with a collage of the photographs to remember the anniversary for years to come. These photos can also be used for future Christmas cards, engagement announcements, a tenth anniversary party invitation, and more.   

Do something exciting and unexpected.   

Maybe you’ve always wanted to go skydiving, zip-lining, or white-water rafting. Maybe you’ve dreamed of belting out tunes at a karaoke bar or playing hooky at work to spend the day watching Netflix in bed. Stop saying “if” or “when” and take a spontaneous couple’s anniversary day you both will never forget!   

anniversary anniversary activities anniversary celebration ideas anniversary ideas anniversary photoshoot cooking class for couples couple's activities first anniversary romantic anniversary tenth anniversary ways to celebrate anniversary wedding anniversary how to celebrate an anniversary things to do couples photoshoot date night ideas anniversary date night 1st anniversary 1st anniversary ideas anniversary gift Book of Us personalized anniversary gift

Take a trip to a vineyard for a wine tasting weekend.   

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or someone who just likes a glass of house red, a wine tasting is a romantic way to celebrate your anniversary. Raise a glass to toast many more years of a happy relationship and watch the sun set against the beautiful landscape of a vineyard.   

anniversary anniversary activities anniversary celebration ideas anniversary ideas anniversary photoshoot cooking class for couples couple's activities first anniversary romantic anniversary tenth anniversary ways to celebrate anniversary wedding anniversary how to celebrate an anniversary things to do couples photoshoot date night ideas anniversary date night 1st anniversary 1st anniversary ideas anniversary gift Book of Us personalized anniversary gift

See a favorite band in concert.   

Kick off your anniversary celebration with a concert and rock out all night to your favorite songs. Great music at a live concert leads to unforgettable memories.    

Visit a comedy club for a night of drinks and laughs.   

If you and your partner love to laugh, a comedy club is the perfect place to spend an anniversary date night. Share love and laughter—with a few drinks on the side—and have a feel-good time.  

Take a cooking class for couples.   

Enjoy a fun, hands-on cooking class for couples, to learn how to cook a restaurant-quality dinner for two. Get closer to your partner by learning a new skill together (or laugh at each other’s cooking fails) and get to know other couples in the class. Take your skills home and impress your partner the next time it’s your turn to do the cooking by replicating the meal.   

Go swing dancing.   

Look up swing dancing events in your area and dance the night away! Many events feature a beginner’s dance tutorial, for those who still need to finesse their swing dancing skills. Swing dancing is perfect for any anniversary and for couples of all ages. Have a uniquely fun anniversary date at a club, studio, or dance hall.   

If your anniversary is coming up, try some of these anniversary date night ideas. And if you need a special, personalized anniversary gift, surprise your partner with  Book of Us™ —a customized couple’s gift that tells the story of your relationship.   ​

anniversary anniversary celebration avengers end game cocktail ideas cocktail recipes date night date night cocktail date night ideas deadpool drink ideas easy cocktail recipes han solo harry potter pop culture cocktail pop culture drink recipe for date nightstar wars star wars cocktail

7 Easy Pop Culture-Inspired Cocktail Recipes for Date Night

Impress your date with 7 easy cocktails you can make at home, inspired by everything pop culture! These date night cocktail recipes are especially perfect if you’re planning a romantic anniversary celebration. Specialty cocktails put your dinner over the top and show you’ve put serious effort into the date. Each cocktail recipe has a pop-culture twist. Your date will swoon at your creativity and delight in the fun drink names! Make your next date night a blockbuster smash with these pop culture cocktail ideas.

7 Easy Cocktail Recipes for Date Night

I Love You 3000

This cocktail hits you with all the feels (if you’ve seen Avengers: Endgame, you know). Show your unending love with a sweet sipper that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day or any special occasion.

Combine 1 ounce ruby grapefruit juice, 3/4 oz. lime juice, 3/4 oz. grenadine, and 1 1/2 oz. orange liqueur. Add a glow cube to symbolize the arc reactor, or “proof that Tony Stark has a heart.”

Ocean Eyes Martini

Blue in color and sultry in taste, this cocktail will give your date serious ocean vibes. Fall in love even deeper as you sip on this smoky sweet margarita and set the mood: Alexa, play “Billie Eilish date playlist.”

In a cocktail shaker with ice, combine 1 1/2 oz. mezcal (for that smoky flavor), 3/4 oz. lime juice, 3/4 oz. blue Curaçao, a dash of bitters (orange bitters are best), and 1/4 oz. agave syrup.

The Deadpool™

Go with a bold cocktail that packs a punch—made with, of course, Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin.

Rim a martini glass with red sugar. Mix 2 oz. gin with 2 oz. cranberry juice. Add a splash of bitters and a dash of simple syrup. Pour a thin layer of black vodka over the top. Garnish with dark cocktail cherries and enjoy!

This bold and deadly drink features the anti-superhero’s iconic colors, black and red. For a quirky, to-die-for date night, try out this delicious drink!

Pink Potion

Themed after the infamous Amortentia™ love potion in the Harry Potter book series, this seductive drink will cast an irresistible spell over your loved one. Whether you’re a major Harry Potter fan or just “meh, saw the movies once. Draco is cool,” this strong, sparkling elixir turns your night into a magical one.

Combine 2 oz. sparkling rosé with 2 oz. strawberry lemonade and add a splash of cranberry juice. Mix in a few sliced strawberries. Serve in a goblet-style glass and drink in wizard-style!

Rainbow Road

Perfect for the video game lover, this Super Mario™-inspired cocktail displays a beautiful rainbow of colors and a fruity flavor combo!

Pour 1 oz. grenadine into a glass and slowly add ice cubes to the top. In a separate glass, combine 1/2 oz. peach schnapps and a 1 1/2 oz. can of pineapple juice. Then slowly pour over the grenadine. In another separate glass, combine 1 oz. vodka with 1/2 oz. blue Curaçao. Slowly pour this mixture to the top. This rainbow cocktail makes your date night take first place!

anniversary anniversary celebration avengers end game cocktail ideas cocktail recipes date night date night cocktail date night ideas deadpool drink ideas easy cocktail recipes han solo harry potter pop culture cocktail pop culture drink recipe for date nightstar wars star wars cocktail

The Sexy Smuggler

Radiate confidence making this Han Solo-inspired Star Wars cocktail. Rich and creamy, this drink is just as smooth as our favorite roguish smuggler. Just one tip: When your partner says, “I love you,” don’t answer with “I know” or find yourself frozen by metaphoric carbonite–aka, the ​silent treatment.  

Drizzle chocolate around the inside of the glass. Pour 3 oz. Irish cream over ice, followed by 1 oz. vanilla vodka. Sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon on top and chili powder for a wicked rebel kick!

I’m a Sucker for You

This caramel apple martini, garnished with a caramel apple sucker, packs a sweet and sour punch!  Serve up a spectacular date night as hot as the Jonas Brothers comeback hit.

Combine 2 oz. apple cider, 2 oz. caramel vodka, and 1 oz. vanilla vodka in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake vigorously. Pour into a martini glass and serve with the sucker. If you’re feeling fancy, pour caramel sauce into the bottom of your glass first.

Try out these creative cocktail recipes for your next date night! Inspired by pop culture, these drink ideas are sure to impress.



Book of Us conflict resolution fighting with friend friend argument friend communication friend conflict friend fight friendship conflict how to resolve conflict with a best friend personalized best friend book personalized friend book problem solving ideas resolve conflict

How to Resolve Conflicts with a Best Friend

Even with your closest friendships, you will likely encounter a time when you need to resolve conflicts with a best friend. Fighting with friends is never easy. But dealing with conflict can make you and your BFF better as individuals and as friends. Conflicts can strengthen a relationship, improving your communication and emotional bond once you have resolved it. Whether you are experiencing conflict now or want tips for the future, it’s always helpful to learn friendship conflict resolution.

Address the conflict soon—don’t wait!

If you wait to address the conflict with your best friend, bad feelings and negative thoughts can fester and grow. Like popcorn in the microwave, you let things stay heated too long and it burns up—ruining what you had. Try waiting 24 hours for the dust to settle and then talk to your friend.

Communicate from both points of view.

Try to see both sides. Your perspective is your reality. Your friend’s perspective is their reality. Both perspectives are valid. When you talk to your friend, keep an open mind and an empathetic point of view. See the situation from their side. Avoid statements that begin with “You did” or “You said.” Communicate with “feelings statements” such as “I feel…” regarding the conflict and ask your friend how they feel. Make sure you are focused on the current conflict. Bringing up past conflicts or feelings will only make the situation worse. Stay in the moment and be in the here and now.

Convey your honest feelings and be vulnerable.

Tell your friend honestly how you feel. Even if you aren’t sure you are the one to blame for initiating the conflict, apologize. It’s important to acknowledge that you are sorry for the fight and sorry for your part in it. Take responsibility so you can both move forward. Be courageous by showing your vulnerability. When your best friend hears your honest, genuine feelings, it’s likely he or she will reciprocate positively.

Suggest solutions for moving forward and be a sensitive listener.

Problem-solve this friend conflict by suggesting ways you can come together again. This may involve making personal sacrifices or compromises. Sometimes you can’t both get everything you want. Try to be solution-minded and propose ways you can come together. But along with offering solutions, be a sensitive listen and let your friend speak. Maybe they have ideas for resolving the conflict, allowing you to form a solution together.

Move on from the past.

Once your conflict is resolved, move forward with your best friend and don’t keep thinking about the past. The more you work out these conflicts, the more you will learn and grow together. Mending this rift means you will have the skill set to handle conflicts even better in the future. Healthy relationships take work. But love for your BFF makes it all worth it!

Dedicate time reminiscing about your favorite friendship memories.

Recall your favorite friend moments together and remember why you became friends in the first place. Sometimes recalling these memories can help you focus on the positive aspects of your relationship. Laugh and have fun together! Open up a photo book, or a personalized friend book such as the Book of Us™. A personalized book of photos and loving messages can rekindle the fun and laughter in your friendship.

Resolving conflict with a best friend can be painful, but it’s also necessary in order to move forward and deepen your relationship. Try these tips the next time you have a scuffle with your BFF. Your loving friendships are worth fighting for!  

beach proposal Book of Us engagement engagement ideas how can I propose to my girlfriend marriage proposal proposal book proposal ideas romantic proposal romantic ways to propose wedding proposal wedding proposal ideas love story ways to propose personalized book custom book love story book book about love pop the question grand gesture girlfriend proposal boyfriend proposal relationship advice relationship tips relationship lifestyle wedding gift proposal gift

7 Most Romantic Ways to Propose

If you’ve been anxiously wondering “How can I propose to my girlfriend?” or “How can I pop the question to my partner in a personal, thoughtful way?” then these most romantic ways to propose will help you plan the perfect moment and avoid being one of those “proposal fail” videos. An engagement is a beautiful relationship milestone for couples and deserves to be one of your best days ever!  

Make your marriage proposal story one to remember and make sure to have someone on hand taking photos or videos to capture the special day! 

7 Most Romantic Ways to Propose 

You only propose once, so make it memorable with these wedding proposal ideas!  

Go to new heights for your romantic proposal.  

Find a breathtaking spot for your romantic proposal. Propose at the top of a famous building like the Space Needle or the Empire State Building, or pick the rooftop of a luxury hotel. Hike to the top of a mountain with a beautiful view or pop the question in a hot air balloon. These locations create a beautiful backdrop for your romantic moment.  

Spell it out.  

If you think your voice will fail you at the big moment, spell it out—literally! Arrange rose petals in the shape of a heart on your bedroom floor and spell out “Marry?” inside. Sprinkle rose petals from the front door to the bedroom, as a romantic way to lead her inside and guide her to say “yes.” If you are both board game lovers, spell out “Will you marry me?” in scrabble tiles and put the ring in a dice cup. Ask her to roll the lucky dice and see what she finds.  

Create a keepsake proposal book, like the Book of Us.

This personalized book will help you pop the question on the big day, with a final page that says, “Will you marry me?” Customize every page and include your favorite photos, memories, and stories. This lasting keepsake about your love story will beautifully commemorate your relationship journey and marriage proposal. 

Include your dog in the marriage proposal.  

Perfect for animal lovers, this marriage proposal is not only creative but impawsibly adorable! Since your dog is part of the family, give your pampered pooch a starring role in the proposal. Hang a “Will you marry me?” sign around your dog’s neck and attach the ring to the dog collar. The next time bae calls your dog into the room, they’ll get one incredibly cute surprise! Seriously, who can say no to those puppy eyes?  

Surprise your partner with a home video. 

Sometimes it’s easier to show rather than tell your partner how much you love them. Create a home video with video clips and photos of your time together, with background music of your favorite songs. Conclude the video with your favorite couple’s photo and the words “Will you marry me?” Your partner will probably be in tears, so make sure to bring tissue (and the ring!).  

Set up a stunning beach proposal.  

What could be more scenic and romantic than an oceanfront engagement? Keep it simple by proposing on the beach at sunset, or make it an elaborate setting with candles, flowers, and a sand castle that says, “Will you marry me?” Put the ring in a seashell or reveal it inside a clam shell to make it really magical!  

Make it a family affair.  

Arrange to have all your friends and family hide near the proposal site. When you pop the question, they’ll all jump out with balloons, confetti, and champagne. Your S.O. will be shocked and delighted to see your favorite people together to share these memories.  

If you’re not sure how you can propose to your future spouse, try these romantic proposal ideas and learn how you can use the Book of Us on the big day! 

activities to develop a healthy and happy relationship Book of Us couple activities couple activity ideas couple communication couple gifts couple tips date ideas happy relationship healthy lifestyle healthy relationship intimacy lifestyle habits personalized book about love relationship tips romance

​9 Activities for Couples to Develop a Healthy and Happy Relationship

Try these nine couple activities to develop a healthy and happy relationship. That exhilarating feeling of being in love is the best start to a relationship. But how can you make your relationship last? Realizing that relationships take work is the first step to maintaining a healthy and happy life together. The best part? It can be easy and fun to keep your relationship strong! Check out these activities to strengthen your relationship and enjoy a long-lasting life together.

activities to develop a healthy and happy relationship Book of Us couple activities  couple activity ideas couple communication couple gifts couple tips date ideas happy relationship healthy lifestyle healthy relationship intimacy lifestyle habits personalized book about love relationship tips romance

1. Exercise together.

Exercise is a great way to spend quality time together and develop healthy lifestyle habits. Exercise also produces endorphins that give a natural “high.” By boosting your overall mood, you will both be happier mentally as well as physically. When you work out together, you also function as a support system to your partner—supporting their fitness goals and providing encouragement. Strengthen your relationship with exercise by building a healthy foundation!

2. Organize an activity day every week.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the busyness of life and forget to spend time with your partner. Make time for one another and schedule an “activity date” on your calendar. Schedule a couples’ activity day every week—whether it’s a spontaneous decide-that-day kind of activity or a planned something. When you make time for each other, you will maintain a strong connection. Activity days let you have fun together and communicate on a deeper level. If you have kids, it’s an opportunity to reconnect as a couple and keep the romance alive. Here are some easy and budget-friendly couple activity ideas:

  • Take a bike ride through a park.
  • Picnic by a lake.
  • See a movie, followed by dinner.
  • Bring board games to a local brewery.
  • Relax inside with a wine and charcuterie night.
  • Try something daring like indoor skydiving.
  • Be a kid again and have silly fun at the arcade!
  • BBQ and play cornhole. #collegethrowback
  • Binge a Netflix show with pizza.
  • Hit every local drive-through and see which one has the best cheeseburger.
  • Attend a PGA golf tournament.
  • See a special exhibit at your science or art museum.
  • Take a class together, like a cooking class, cocktail mixology class, or a foreign language class. Put your skills to use and host a party for friends or go on a trip to Europe!

3. Surprise your S.O. with love notes and love letters.

Who says life can’t be like a rom-com? Leave little gifts full of loving messages for your partner to find! Love notes and love letters are easy and simple ways to be romantic and make any day special. Hide a sweet note in their lunch bag, gym bag, briefcase, or stick it on their computer screen. If you want to put your romancing over the top, give them a personalized book about love that you can customize with “I love you” messages and favorite couple photos. Your loving couples gift will be treasured forever!

4. Switch roles weekly to manage chores…or to spice up the bedroom!

Take turns performing chores or tasks to mix things up. Both of you will have equal participation and responsibility in the relationship. This way, one partner doesn’t have the burden of doing it all. Plus it’s fun to switch up your roles! If your partner usually cooks, try taking on the cooking duties for a day or a week. If you usually clean the house or do most of the driving, pass on that role to your partner. This topsy-turvy role play can also spice up the bedroom.  

5. Handle change (physical, emotional, mental) as a team.

Being in a relationship means change is inevitable. As you and your partner grow old together, you will see physical and emotional changes. Stretch marks, weight gain, beer bellies, bald spots, and gray hair are some of the changes you will see—whether they are from aging, pregnancy, stress or other life events. Take on these changes as a team, supporting each other with positive talk. Instead of putting your partner on blast for gaining weight, suggest a workout program or healthy meal plan you can do together. Teamwork is key to a healthy and happy relationship.

6. Laugh together every day.

Laughter will make you feel happier and closer as a couple. Bring up a fun story, anecdote, or memory every day that will make you laugh. The saying “laughter is the best medicine” does have its truth. Laughing closes the distance gap between you, letting you share in fun moments together.

7. Let the fights happen and address them with healthy communication.

Don’t avoid getting into fights, or your resentment will build up into a blow-out. Small fights let you address issues and move forward. When you do fight, communicate with honesty and try to see your partner’s side. Fighting can lead to a better understanding of your partner. When you learn to communicate and compromise, you develop a healthier relationship.

8. Stay intimate in your relationship.

Kissing, hugging, holding hands and, of course, having sex at least once a week will help maintain a healthy, happy relationship. Be bold and initiate intimacy in your relationship. You can never have too much skin-to-skin contact!

9. Go on adventures together.

Travel. Road trip. Take a vacation to the beach, the forest, or to another country! Couples’ vacations are perfect for experiencing new things and growing together. And you don’t have to break the budget either. Camp in your backyard or have a staycation at a nearby bed and breakfast. Vacations are essential life experiences. Make memories you will treasure for years to come.

We hope these nine activities for couples will help you build or strengthen a healthy, happy relationship!


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