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9 Date Ideas Perfect for Spring

It’s officially the first day of spring, so we’ve put together a fun list of spring date ideas that you and your romantic partner can do together! Spring can be an especially romantic time for dating, as the weather warms (even for colder weather climates) and you emerge from your winter hibernation cave. This list will help you organize the best planned dates for every spring weekend. And if you’re on a budget, no worries! Plan a nearly free date like visiting the farmer’s market or binge-watching the new season of “Bridgerton” on Netflix. For a creative date, try a pizza tasting challenge around town or plan a long weekend trip to New York City. We hope you and your significant other will love trying out a few of these delightful date ideas for spring!  

9 Spring Date Ideas for Couples  

Hike at a state park on Earth Day. 

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd by hiking at a local state park.  As you explore the natural beauty of our planet, you’ll find calming peace and make lasting memorie as a couple.  

Visit a local farmer’s market. 

Fresh spring produce will start arriving at your local farmer’s markets. It’s the perfect time to buy local and make a delicious meal together later that day.  

Binge-watch a TV show at home. 

The second season of “Bridgerton” is out on March 25th, making this the perfect time to binge-watch the entire season in a weekend and dine on your favorite takeout. There’s nothing better than cuddling on the couch, watching a romantic show, and enjoying great food.  

Treat yourself to a long-weekend spring break trip for two.  

This spring, devote quality time together by taking a fun spring break trip! If you need recommendations, check out our blog with the top 10 vacation spots for 2022: Spring Break Trips to Make Memories 

Tour the town for a pizza taste challenge. 

Challenge each other to find the best pizza in your city, county, or state! Travel around to the best pizza spots, taste test different slices, and rank them all. Save your favorites and go back on your next date night.  

Adopt a pet.  

If you are in a committed relationship and ready to take on the responsibility of a pet, then this is a sweet date idea that will bring you even closer together. By adopting a pet, you are helping an animal in need and “pet parenting” together—which helps you work as a team and learn how to make decisions as a couple. Spring is a great time to adopt a pet: the weather is warmer, making potty training outside much easier, and you have many months before the holidays to take your fur-family Christmas card photos!  

Start a workout plan together.  

Help each other maintain a healthy lifestyle by starting up a spring workout program that you can keep up every week. By working out together or at the same time, you will challenge and motivate each other. This helps you establish a healthy relationship, physically and emotionally. Exercise will help you stay physically active to enjoy lots of fun date night activities, and keep you mentally healthy by lowering stress and blood pressure. Establish a fun spring workout routine and find an activity you both enjoy such as kick boxing, cycling, running, weightlifting, yoga, or pilates.  

Pick up golfing.  

Plan a golfing date on weekends, where you can enjoy the sport and the warmer weather. You can try all varieties of golf: mini golf, driving range practice, 9 or 18-hole golf at a golf course, and Topgolf. This spring date activity is also perfect for the summer and fall months! Some of the best dates are when you play and learn together.  

Play board games at a local brewery.  

Bring your favorite board games and enjoy local brews. Play for pints, points, or just to enjoy each other’s company. It’s a relaxing date that perfect for daytime or evening.  

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9 Summer Activities for Couples

Spend summer weekends and evenings getting closer to your S.O. with these couple’s activities. With so many ways to take advantage of the warm weather, there should be no shortage of things to do. We’ve rounded up some creative and adventurous summer date ideas. When planning a special date, you want to enjoy a fun activity and have some romantic time together. All of these ideas are cheap, easy to plan, and uniquely fun compared to the traditional dinner date. Whether you’re in a date night rut or just looking to experience the most epic summer with your partner, this activity list will help you make unforgettable memories.

9 Summer Date Ideas for Couples

Here are nine outings for you and your bae you should try asap this summer!

Go hiking at a state park.

Find a local state park close to you or road trip to one. This summer date idea is the perfect way to get some sun, exercise, and fun time together. Out in nature, you can find relaxation and grow closer as a couple. Hiking challenges your endurance and tests your teamwork skills. You need to work together as a couple to walk in rhythm and find a steady pace. Hiking also helps build your communication skills, as you navigate the path and the map together. Try this energizing and adventurous date idea on your next summer weekend!

Pick your own fruit at an orchard or farm.

Visit a local pick-your-own farm and collect fruit you can enjoy outside or blend in a cocktail at home. Depending on where you live, different fruit will be in season. You could go berry picking for strawberries or blueberries, apple picking or peach picking. When you’re done, enjoy a picnic outside. This summer date is like a scene from a rom-com movie!

Go to a baseball game.

Take your bae to an exciting, outdoor ballgame. You are guaranteed a home run with a summer activity that has everything: an electric atmosphere, good weather, and yummy snacks. Swap childhood memories as you watch and take plenty of photos in the stadium.

Enjoy a drive-in movie.

Visit a drive-in movie theater for some old-fashioned date night fun! Cuddle up for a romantic date in your car and bring wine to pair with the popcorn. This activity offers the perfect make-out moment where you can act like silly teenagers.

Daycation at a hotel.

This growing trend sees hotels across the country offering special day room rates so guests can use hotel amenities without an overnight stay. Enjoy the luxury pool and spa, plus the warm summer weather, all day.

Visit the zoo or a safari park.

It’s the perfect activity for animal lovers! Go wild watching the giraffes, zebras, elephants and gorillas. Then take a break with a cold beer.

Rent a pontoon and go boating.

Boat rentals are inexpensive for the day or just a few hours. Rent a pontoon so you can move slowly across the water and drop anchor to sunbathe.

Spend a day of food truck hopping.

Every day can be the state fair when you go food truck hopping! Make a list of food trucks in your state. You can use an app or visit a food truck finder social media page to discover where food trucks will be on any given day. Explore the city as you enjoy different food trucks around town!

Enjoy cocktails and appetizers at an outdoor patio.

Splurge on a few fancy drinks and enjoy each other’s company. This summer activity for couples offers a romantic atmosphere where you can talk and laugh for hours.

The best summer dates are about spending time together. Get inspired with some of these fun things to do with your partner.