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Ways to Destress at Home During the Holidays

The holiday season can be a stressful time for anyone. Through meal preparation, organizing and decorating, there can be a lot on your mind to get your home ready for the festivities. Now is the time to pay extra attention to yourself while in the season of giving, and not let stress impact your holidays. So whether you are planning on hosting the holidays with your family at home in Denver, CO, or on your way to a gathering in Toronto, CA, here are some ways to destress at home during the holidays to prepare you for anything.

Start off the day with a morning routine

One easy strategy for destressing over the holidays is to create a morning self-care ritual. Even if you only have 5 minutes, establishing a restorative morning routine can set a positive tone for your entire day. Examples of morning self-care rituals at home:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Music
  • Reading
  • Deep breathing
  • Aromatherapy
  • Skincare
  • Nourishing breakfast


Put some things that excite you on the calendar

By intentionally putting an activity that excites you on your calendar each week this holiday season, you’ll have something to consistently look forward to. Rather than focusing on your stress and anxiety, you’ll instead feel excited about the activities you’ve planned. Just a few ideas could be a family outing like ice skating, exploring somewhere local you’ve never gone before, or meeting up with an old friend who you’ve lost touch with!  – Modern Therapy

Take deep breaths when waking up and going to bed

I recommend 3 to 4 rounds of conscious deep breaths every morning after waking up and before bedtime. The optimal number of breaths per round is 30. The morning routine helps keep our blood pressure lower providing an emotional reset to better face the challenges of the day. The bedtime routine is to sleep better and faster. – Timeqube

Create a gratitude journal

During the holiday season, we tend to over-exert ourselves with cooking, baking, decorating, shopping, and socializing. If you’re feeling especially stressed and anxious around this time of year, cross off some of the unnecessary activities on your to-do list and devote that time to restful reflection. Making a gratitude list and journaling about your favorite memories from this year will help to ground you, so you can savor this special time with your loved ones lightheartedly. – Dr. Messina & Associates

Listen to your favorite sounds to relax your mind

I recommend putting together a playlist of your top favorite sounds, such as sounds of the ocean, raindrops, morning sounds or even a slow heartbeat, and taking a daily 10-minute break to put headphones on and listen to it. The right combination of sounds can lower your heart rate and cortisol stress hormone levels and help calm your mind and body.  My personal favorite is Weightless, which was created specifically to help calm the nervous system. – Cohesive Therapy NYC

Create time for yourself to reflect

Practicing radical self-care during the holidays is an absolute must for mind/body/spirit health. Keep it simple: get outside and connect with nature every day, carve out sacred space for no-phone quiet time, balance every glass of eggnog or holiday sweet with a glass of water! – Spirited Living

Destress at home with an in-home spa

If you are wound up like a top and have no time to de-stress at a spa, bring the spa to you.

  • Take a warm bath in Ancient Minerals Magnesium to soothe aches and pains and relax muscles before bed for a sound sleep. Add your favorite essential oils to lull your mind.
  • Get a buckwheat-filled wrap and heat in the microwave, wrap it around your neck and put on a sleep mask with some soft music – and breathe deep & slow. Sweet dreams!

Therapeutic Kneads, Ltd.

Set boundaries with your friends and family

Self-care doesn’t have to look like a spa, the gym, or a luxurious indulgence. It can look like simply setting boundaries with your friends and family around what you will accept and how many holiday events you’re able to participate in. It can look like creating a safe space inside your home and scheduling a specific timeframe each day where nobody is allowed to bother you in that space, and journal, meditate, exercise, or do anything else that brings you joy. Maintaining those boundaries and taking care of yourself is key to keeping your mind and body balanced and ready to take on all the holiday stressors that may arise – inside or outside the home! – JK Photos

Listen to your body and respect others’ feelings

Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right. Honor your feelings and respect those of others and everything will be alright. – Vori Health.

Getting creative can help you relax

Engaging in art-making can be used as a therapeutic self-care activity because it promotes the flow of creativity and increases your imagination, which can reframe negative thoughts and emotions. You will find that just ten minutes of rest with a mindful activity can uplift your mood, reduce stress, and replenish your energy.  Try doodling, drawing, collage-making or knitting. – The Art Therapy Project 

Include your family in preparations so there is less on you

Holidays are not about perfection, rather family, connection, and yes, messiness, so, show yourself some self-care by loosening up on those high expectations. Share experiences, for example, divvy up the holiday meal preparation – put the name of each dish in a hat and have everyone pick one randomly; you’ll have less to do, and your kiddos will learn some skills. Laugh heartily and when you feel the signals of stress, try some box breathing to bring down your heart rate (in for 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4, hold for 4 and repeat).  Remember wellness isn’t stuck on a container ship – it’s right in your grasp – just choose mindful ways to enjoy this season without carrying all the burden! – Reset Lounge

Create a space of relaxation with essential oils

Create an aromatherapy ritual that allows you to slow down and be present, like diffusing essential oils every evening or having a weekly aromatherapy bath to unwind. Lavender is great for calming, frankincense is known for grounding, and citrus oils can uplift the spirit. Be sure to use your aromatherapy ritual as an intentional time to focus on your breath. – Wild Grove Essentials 

Others’ moods can affect your own

What’s the ultimate de-stressor? Focus on making your partner happy, and you might see your anxieties lessen. There’s nothing like a little snuggle time at home to take your mind off things! – Book of Us

How to grieve a personal loss in a healthy way

The holidays are also the time of year where we tend to reflect and remember someone we have lost during the year. It could be a parent, friend or a pet. Instead of bottling up these emotions, it is important to talk about your loss, seek support or bereavement groups, and know that it’s “ok to not feel ok.” It also helps to act on behalf of our loved ones and honor them through a donation or sharing positive stories of their lives on Social Media. This is therapeutic for us too. – HCO Behavioral Health Services

Increase activity levels to release endorphins

Whether you are working at home or are back at the office, it’s very easy to forget how sedentary our lives have become. This holiday season, we strongly advise taking baby steps to increase your activity levels on non-working days. It can be as simple as showing your pet some love and taking them for a long walk, or as complex as performing a 10-minute no-equipment home workout. The beauty of it is that moving more will increase your endorphins and adrenaline levels, which can be a great stress reliever during the holidays. – Vantage Circle


A Christmas Carol activity ideas for couples Book of Us Christkindlmarket Christmas card Christmas tradition Christmas tree couple's photos couple's traditions couple's activities cozy date ideas date ideas date ideasdate night donate getaway holiday activities holiday activity ideas for couples holiday card holiday cocktails holiday concert holiday date ideas holiday market holiday movie night holiday party holiday traditions host party ice skating personalized book romantic date ugly Christmas sweater winter date ideas

Holiday Activity Ideas for Couples 

‘Tis the season to be holly, jolly, and romantic at the holidays! These 15 holiday activities for couples will warm your hearts and bring you even closer together. There’s so many fun things you both can do to make holiday memories and celebrate—whether it’s your first Christmas together or your fifteenth! Try a classic Christmas tradition like ice skating or get creative by whipping up new holiday cocktails at home. We’ve put together the coziest date ideas that will help you make new couple’s traditions. Pick a few to try and have the most magical holiday season! 

15 Magical Activity Ideas for Couples This Holiday  

Pick out and decorate your Christmas tree.

This is one festive couple’s tradition you can do every year. Spend a fun day at the Christmas tree farm and chop down your own tree. Or if you’re looking for something closer to home, pick up a pre-cut tree at your local tree lot. Decorate tree with your favorite ornaments, or create handmade ones that display fun couple’s photos.  

A Christmas Carol activity ideas for couples Book of Us Christkindlmarket Christmas card Christmas tradition Christmas tree couple's photos couple's traditions couple's activities cozy date ideas date ideas date ideasdate night donate getaway holiday activities holiday activity ideas for couples holiday card holiday cocktails holiday concert holiday date ideas holiday market holiday movie night holiday party holiday traditions host party ice skating personalized book romantic date ugly Christmas sweater winter date ideas

Cozy up for a classic holiday movie night.

 There’s nothing more romantic than cuddling on the couch and watching a classic holiday movie like “Miracle on 34th Street,” “Home Alone,” or “Elf.”

Go ice skating.

Nothing brings you closer as a couple than ice skating (or maybe, wobbling and hanging on for dear life). Ice skating is a fun holiday activity where you can lean on each other and laugh at every trip or fall. It may be a cliché winter date favorite but it’s one of the best ways to make magical memories as a couple.  

Attend a holiday concert.

Check out local venues to attend a Christmas music concert. There’s so many different concerts to choose from during the holiday season—from orchestral to choral, pop to Broadway.  

Visit your local theater to watch “A Christmas Carol.”

Enjoy this holiday favorite for the first time as a couple! Go out for a fancy dinner before or after and make it a magical holiday evening.  

Make ugly sweater Christmas cookies.  

Take your cookie baking to the next level and exchange those basic sugar cookies for ugly sweater cookies you can decorate together. The best part? Ugly sweaters are supposed to look bad, so have fun making a mess and laughing over your amateur frosting skills.  

Experiment with boozy hot chocolate cocktails.

Discover your inner mixologist and whip up crazy holiday cocktails for two. Add spicy heat to your chocolate martini. Swirl peppermint into a pitcher of mudslides. Top your brandy alexander with cinnamon-infused marshmallow whipped cream. These sweet treats will make your holiday date night even sweeter.  

A Christmas Carol activity ideas for couples Book of Us Christkindlmarket Christmas card Christmas tradition Christmas tree couple's photos couple's traditions couple's activities cozy date ideas date ideas date ideasdate night donate getaway holiday activities holiday activity ideas for couples holiday card holiday cocktails holiday concert holiday date ideas holiday market holiday movie night holiday party holiday traditions host party ice skating personalized book romantic date ugly Christmas sweater winter date ideas

Donate toys or supplies to a local nonprofit.

 Give back to your community by donating to a toy drive, food shelf, or animal shelter. Sometimes the best dates are when you do something good together.  

Take couple’s photos for your holiday card.

Take the cutest photos for your Christmas card and send them to friends and family. Make double use of those photos by adding them to a personalized card or gift for your partner. A custom book like the Book of Us is a sweetly personalized gift that tells your love story. Include loving holiday messages and a photo to create a unique Christmas gift that they will treasure for years to come.  

Host a friends or family holiday party at home.

Create meaningful memories by hosting a festive holiday party for all your friends or family! Just choose a theme, keep the drinks flowing, and turn up the holiday music. Hosting a party is a fun affair that helps you bond and hone your planning skills as a couple. 

Build gingerbread houses together.

 Get in the holiday spirit by building a gingerbread house together or making your own houses in a couple’s competition! This holiday activity is perfect for date night at home with a glass of wine.  

Have a date night in the snow with sledding, snow angels, and snowman building.

If you live in a snowy area, embrace the winter cold and build a snowman or go sledding. It’s the perfect time of year to unleash your inner kid and grow even closer to your partner.  

A Christmas Carol activity ideas for couples Book of Us Christkindlmarket Christmas card Christmas tradition Christmas tree couple's photos couple's traditions couple's activities cozy date ideas date ideas date ideasdate night donate getaway holiday activities holiday activity ideas for couples holiday card holiday cocktails holiday concert holiday date ideas holiday market holiday movie night holiday party holiday traditions host party ice skating personalized book romantic date ugly Christmas sweater winter date ideas

Drive to different neighborhoods and look at holiday lights and house displays.

Enjoy a romantic getaway right from your car! Drive around to look at beautiful displays in your neighborhood or drive a little farther to see a spectacular light display at an estate or park.  

Rent a cabin for the weekend.

If you’re looking for a longer road trip getaway, drive out of town to stay at a cabin rental for the weekend. The cabin already sets a romantic scene. All you need is a fire, hot chocolate, and puzzles or board games to make the coziest memories.  

Visit a Christkindlmarket or holiday market.

Going to a holiday market is such a treat! There’s music, spiced cider, warm food, vendors selling handmade goods, and festive photo opportunities. It’s the perfect winter date to enjoy this very merry season!  

A Christmas Carol activity ideas for couples Book of Us Christkindlmarket Christmas card Christmas tradition Christmas tree couple's photos couple's traditions couple's activities cozy date ideas date ideas date ideasdate night donate getaway holiday activities holiday activity ideas for couples holiday card holiday cocktails holiday concert holiday date ideas holiday market holiday movie night holiday party holiday traditions host party ice skating personalized book romantic date ugly Christmas sweater winter date ideas

We hope these couple’s activities bring the fun and romance to your holiday season! Try a few this winter and celebrate the real meaning of Christmas: love.  

first Thanksgiving first Thanksgiving as a couplecouple's Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner Thanksgiving dinner ideas couple's traditions Thanksgiving traditions friendsgiving party Thanksgiving activity Black Friday shopping Black Friday shoppingvolunteer donate time Thanksgiving weekend food shelf soup kitchen Thanksgiving vacation travel ideas creative ideas Thanksgiving couple tradition

Celebrate Your First Thanksgiving as a Couple 

Whether you are married or dating, these seven ideas will help you celebrate your first Thanksgiving together as a couple. This major relationship milestone is fun but also tricky to plan. Some of the compromises include: how to schedule each person’s extended family dinner, how to find time as a couple, what activities to plan, and what kind of food to cook. But Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and expressing gratitude. The most important part of this holiday is to express gratitude for your partner by spending time together. When you spend quality time together during the holidays, you make special memories and grow as a couple. This Thanksgiving, start some new couple’s traditions with these seven creative ideas!  

7 Ways to Celebrate Your First Thanksgiving as a Couple  

Make a smaller meal for two, combining your all-time favorite Thanksgiving foods.

Host your own private Thanksgiving dinner for two at home! Compromise on the meal by cooking each of your top three favorite foods and creating your own family meal. This could literally just be side dishes (they’re the best part of the meal anyway!) or a crazy combination of favorite family recipes. Even if you are having Thanksgiving dinner with relatives, it can be fun and romantic to have your own meal together.   

Start a new couple’s tradition.

There’s no reason your Thanksgiving weekend has to be booked solid with extended family gatherings. Try to draw some friendly boundaries and spend time together, just the two of you. Start a new Thanksgiving tradition like taking a long hike, walking the dogs, getting brunch at your favorite restaurant, or visiting a winery and playing board games. When you create your own traditions, you become closer as a couple and establish a unique routine for your little family unit.  

Travel to make memories.

Make this Thanksgiving unforgettable by taking a short road trip or travelling out-of-state for the long weekend. Spend the weekend hiking, skiing, or curling up by the fire in a cozy cabin. Visit a spa hotel for room service and couple’s massages. Mini vacations are perfect getaways to make memories. Capture photos along the way and frame them to remember your Thanksgiving adventures.  

Host a Friendsgiving party.

first Thanksgiving first Thanksgiving as a couplecouple's Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner Thanksgiving dinner ideas couple's traditions Thanksgiving traditions friendsgiving party Thanksgiving activity Black Friday shopping Black Friday shoppingvolunteer donate time Thanksgiving weekend food shelf soup kitchen Thanksgiving vacation travel ideas creative ideas Thanksgiving couple tradition

As a holiday that’s all about giving back and expressing gratitude, it’s a perfect time to host a meal for good friends! Friends are often like family, and they provide so much love and support. Friendsgiving can also sometimes be more relaxing and casual compared to a formal family get-together. Invite single friends and couples over for dinner, games, and lots of wine!  

Count your blessings as a couple.

At Thanksgiving, we remember all the things we are grateful for. For this Thanksgiving activity, write down why you are grateful for your partner. Remember all the big things, but the small things too. At dinner, exchange notes and read them out loud. These thankful messages will make each of you feel even more loved and blessed on the holiday.  

Treat yourselves to Black Friday shopping.

first Thanksgiving first Thanksgiving as a couplecouple's Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner Thanksgiving dinner ideas couple's traditions Thanksgiving traditions friendsgiving party Thanksgiving activity Black Friday shopping Black Friday shoppingvolunteer donate time Thanksgiving weekend food shelf soup kitchen Thanksgiving vacation travel ideas creative ideas Thanksgiving couple tradition

 Black Friday offers some of the best deals and sales all year. Look for holiday gifts on sale that you can exchange during the holidays. Online stores have plenty of sales, so you don’t need to leave your house! As you shop, look for meaningful couple’s gifts you can enjoy together. A personalized gift like the Book of Us captures your love story on every page and is uniquely customized for the two of you. You can edit every page with special love messages and display it as a coffee table book in your home.  

Black Friday is also a perfect time to look for items you can purchase for your life together. Consider purchasing a new gaming system, a new television, updated bedding, kitchen appliances, or cooking equipment.   

Volunteer or donate your time.

On Thanksgiving weekend, give back by volunteering at a soup kitchen or collect items to donate at a food shelf. Often people donate around the holidays but then stop giving. Food shelves are then left empty when the holiday is over. Collect donation items to give once Thanksgiving is over, to keep their shelves well stocked. You can also create a volunteer sign-up sheet and invite friends or family to sign up for volunteer times once Thanksgiving is over. 

apple orchard autumn best romantic date ideas bonfire Book of Us brewery cozy date ideas fall activities fall date ideas for couples fall picnic festival first day of fall football game fun fall date ideas Oktoberfest perfect fall date night personalized book pie renaissance festival romantic fall dates September 22

9 Cozy Fall Date Ideas

Snuggle up with your partner and try these nine cozy fall date ideas! The first day of fall is coming on September 22, which means we finally get to enjoy crisp air, colorful leaves, oversized sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes (so basic and SO good) and fall activities. We’ve rounded up the best romantic fall dates to fill your calendar. Take advantage of autumn’s arrival with a date at the apple orchard or visit the brewery for Oktoberfest. Every activity will bring you closer together. And with a crisp chill in the air, autumn is the perfect time to cozy up next to each other. Add a few of these creative ideas to your calendar and snap pics to capture the memories.

9 Cozy and Fun Fall Date Ideas for Couples

Spend the day at an apple orchard.

Visiting an apple orchard is the most quintessential fall event and deserves top spot on your fall bucket list. Local orchards offer apple picking, hayrides, homemade bakery treats, and spiked apple cider to stay warm. Walk among the apple trees while you share a caramel apple and make the coziest memories!

Visit a brewery with live music.

Fall is the perfect time to grab a pumpkin ale and listen to live music on the brewery patio. Many local breweries also hold Octoberfest events, with food trucks offering apple cider donuts and bratwurst with spiced apple slaw.

Go hiking at a state park.

Wrap yourself in cozy plaid flannels and enjoy scenic strolling at a local state park. Hiking requires a certain level of teamwork and patience, as you navigate the trail—sounds like great practice for marriage! Snap pictures to capture these memories and upload a cute video or two for your Instagram story.

Have a pie picnic.

Bake delicious apple and pumpkin pies and then have a pies-only picnic in the park. Find a spot near some gorgeous trees, sip on a thermos with warm apple cider or cocoa and dine on homemade dessert with a fuzzy blanket on your lap. Fall picnics are the coziest!

Enjoy a bonfire group date with s’mores.

Bonfires are even more fun when you can enjoy them with friends. Invite some couples out for a group date and have a bonfire in your backyard. Roast s’mores, sip on mulled wine, and cozy up by the fire. Swap spooky or funny stories until the fire burns to embers and stargaze to end the evening.

Plan a bookshop and coffee date.

Plan a date that’s straight out of a fall rom-com. Visit your local bookshop and find a quaint spot in the corner to sip on coffee and read. Talk about your favorite books and explore the shelves for a hidden gem to read. Turn up the romance a volume by surprising your partner with a book gift. Hide a book among the shelves and give them hints to find it. A personalized book like the Book of Us captures your unique love story. This surprise gift makes a big impact, as a unique way to say, “I love you.”

Attend a Renaissance festival.

Bring on the cheesy fantasy faire with a renaissance festival! Grab your goblet of mead and listen to musicians play sweet (and sometimes raunchy) love songs. You can also enjoy some yummy fair food, take in a comedy or juggling show, and find props for your couple’s Halloween costumes. These festivals have all the elements of a perfect romantic date.

Make soup and watch a movie.

Sometimes the most romantic date idea is getting cozy at home. Make butternut squash and pumpkin soup—a fall staple—to warm your bellies and watch a fall-themed movie like “Practical Magic,” “When Harry Met Sally,” or “Hocus Pocus.”

Watch a football game.

Football in the fall brings back nostalgic memories of homecoming high school games. Tailgate before the game to enjoy barbeque grill food and attend a university football game. The fans cheering, the fall foliage, and the crisp chilly air create the perfect fall date night!


activity anniversary August 18 date night ideas emotional intimacy how to show your partner love and affection intimacy make time National Couples Day physical affection relationship advice relationship sromantic gestures romantic partner showing affection spend time together

How to Show Your Partner Love and Affection

Whether you have been with your romantic partner for a while or just gotten together, these ideas will help you show daily affection and strengthen your relationship. Showing affection isn’t always easy. For some, physical or emotional affection feels difficult or unnatural. For others, the daily hustle of living and working takes over and displays of affection take a backseat. We’ve put together ways to show affection through emotion, action, and words. Choose the options that are right for you! You can also incorporate these ideas into your next date night, anniversary, or upcoming celebration for National Couple’s Day on August 18!

Do an activity your partner loves (but you don’t).

Relationships are all about compromise. This doesn’t mean you need to go to extremes or do something way outside your comfort zone. But occasionally, prioritize the wants and needs of your partner. For example, if your partner loves to golf in the summer, book a surprise tee time. Rent clubs so you can practice with them—even if you’re terrible!

Encourage their hustle.

Motivate and support your partner, to build up their self-esteem and confidence. A relationship is all about teamwork. Support their dreams and goals with words of encouragement or a long hug after a hard day. If they are working on a side hustle or pushing hard for a promotion at work, give their morale a little boost. When you love someone unconditionally, you respect their hustle and support that ambition. In turn, your relationship will grow with a deeper level of trust and mutual love.

Do something for your partner at a difficult time.

If your partner has been preoccupied putting the kids down for bed, do a nighttime chore you would usually do together like cleaning the dishes. If they are sick, buy them something special. If they are having a terrible workday, surprise them with a picnic in the park. When your partner is at their lowest, let them know they are loved and supported.

Spend a day tech-free. Be fully present.

Put down the phone and spend the day together. Take a walk, grab lunch at a restaurant, or do something as simple as grocery shopping together. Give your partner undivided attention because it says, “I love you and you matter most.”

Surprise your partner with small, romantic gestures.

Showing love and attention in small ways will make a huge difference in your relationship! If your partner is cold, warm up their blanket in the drier and wrap them in it while you cuddle. If your partner is a foodie, make them a big breakfast one morning. It’s so important to express your love language more than sexually, so you can grow closer and increase emotional intimacy.

Make time for them.

Spend time together, no matter how busy both of you get. Try to find moments when you can connect, like chatting over coffee in the morning or meeting for lunch. As a friendly reminder to yourself, schedule these times in your phone calendar or planner. These little “day dates” will help you stay connected and emotionally intimate.

Joke around.

Laughter is the best medicine—in life and in a relationship! Keep your relationship fresh and fun by joking and laughing. Amp up the fun by doing an activity together.

Show physical affection (outside the bedroom).

Extend your intimacy past the bedroom and offer physical touches every now and then—a hug, an arm around their shoulders, a brush of fingers against their neck, a kiss when you walk in the door. These little gestures express your love and show how much you care. You don’t always need grand gestures to say, “I love you” or “I’m thinking of you.” It’s the little things over time that keep your relationship strong.


9 summer date ideas activity list bae baseball game best summer dates boating cocktails couple's activities date ideas for couples daycation drive-in movie food truck hopping fun date outdoor patio planning a date romantic date S.O. safari park summer activities for couples summer activity for couples summer date ideas things to do with your partner zoo

9 Summer Activities for Couples

Spend summer weekends and evenings getting closer to your S.O. with these couple’s activities. With so many ways to take advantage of the warm weather, there should be no shortage of things to do. We’ve rounded up some creative and adventurous summer date ideas. When planning a special date, you want to enjoy a fun activity and have some romantic time together. All of these ideas are cheap, easy to plan, and uniquely fun compared to the traditional dinner date. Whether you’re in a date night rut or just looking to experience the most epic summer with your partner, this activity list will help you make unforgettable memories.

9 Summer Date Ideas for Couples

Here are nine outings for you and your bae you should try asap this summer!

Go hiking at a state park.

Find a local state park close to you or road trip to one. This summer date idea is the perfect way to get some sun, exercise, and fun time together. Out in nature, you can find relaxation and grow closer as a couple. Hiking challenges your endurance and tests your teamwork skills. You need to work together as a couple to walk in rhythm and find a steady pace. Hiking also helps build your communication skills, as you navigate the path and the map together. Try this energizing and adventurous date idea on your next summer weekend!

Pick your own fruit at an orchard or farm.

Visit a local pick-your-own farm and collect fruit you can enjoy outside or blend in a cocktail at home. Depending on where you live, different fruit will be in season. You could go berry picking for strawberries or blueberries, apple picking or peach picking. When you’re done, enjoy a picnic outside. This summer date is like a scene from a rom-com movie!

Go to a baseball game.

Take your bae to an exciting, outdoor ballgame. You are guaranteed a home run with a summer activity that has everything: an electric atmosphere, good weather, and yummy snacks. Swap childhood memories as you watch and take plenty of photos in the stadium.

Enjoy a drive-in movie.

Visit a drive-in movie theater for some old-fashioned date night fun! Cuddle up for a romantic date in your car and bring wine to pair with the popcorn. This activity offers the perfect make-out moment where you can act like silly teenagers.

Daycation at a hotel.

This growing trend sees hotels across the country offering special day room rates so guests can use hotel amenities without an overnight stay. Enjoy the luxury pool and spa, plus the warm summer weather, all day.

Visit the zoo or a safari park.

It’s the perfect activity for animal lovers! Go wild watching the giraffes, zebras, elephants and gorillas. Then take a break with a cold beer.

Rent a pontoon and go boating.

Boat rentals are inexpensive for the day or just a few hours. Rent a pontoon so you can move slowly across the water and drop anchor to sunbathe.

Spend a day of food truck hopping.

Every day can be the state fair when you go food truck hopping! Make a list of food trucks in your state. You can use an app or visit a food truck finder social media page to discover where food trucks will be on any given day. Explore the city as you enjoy different food trucks around town!

Enjoy cocktails and appetizers at an outdoor patio.

Splurge on a few fancy drinks and enjoy each other’s company. This summer activity for couples offers a romantic atmosphere where you can talk and laugh for hours.

The best summer dates are about spending time together. Get inspired with some of these fun things to do with your partner.

7 wedding day gift exchange ideas for couples Book of Us honeymoon love letters personalized book personalized wedding gifts photo book romantic wedding gifts spa kit spouse trip vacation wedding day wedding day gift exchange ideas wedding gift ideas wedding gift ideas for bride wedding gift ideas for groom wedding morning wedding tradition

7 Wedding Day Gift Exchange Ideas

Make your wedding day even more special by exchanging gifts that morning! Many couples decide to exchange wedding gifts, as a way of celebrating their love. Through gift exchange, you create an intimate and romantic moment that’s just for the two of you. The wedding day is busy, scheduled, and planned. Among the timeline of events, consider making room for a quiet moment when you can send a special, thoughtful gift that shows how much you care. Your partner will love receiving a personalized present that says, “I promise to love you for better or for worse, and for always.” These wedding gift ideas for a bride, groom, or partner all come from the heart, if you decide to follow this beautiful wedding tradition.

7 Wedding Day Gift Exchange Ideas for Couples

Plane tickets for a surprise vacation.

Plan a vacation to surprise your spouse! On the morning of the wedding, send them a wrapped gift containing plane tickets to embark on a surprise trip sometime in the future. Pick a bucket list vacation spot with couple’s activities. Your partner will love the thought and effort you put into planning a dream getaway.

The personalized Book of Us to capture your love story.

Celebrate your journey together as a couple with a personalized keepsake gift! The Book of Us tells your unique love story on paper, with illustrated characters that resemble you both. You can edit the text on every page, to include loving messages, inside jokes, and wedding wishes. Customize your book to include date night ideas for after the wedding, memories about your first date, and a list of “things I love about you.” It’s a heartwarming wedding gift that your partner will cherish forever.

Honeymoon essentials.

Surprise your partner with a gift that’s thoughtful, romantic, and practical. Honeymoon essentials will always come in handy when you embark on your dream trip together. These may include a bathing suit, pajamas, sunglasses, or a hat.

A photo book of your couple’s journey through the years.

Create a photo book of your relationship that chronicles your “greatest hits”—first kiss, first trip, engagement and more! We guarantee your spouse-to-be will be breathless and emotional looking back at your journey together and remembering your sweetest moments.

Mini spa kit.

Deliver a relaxing gift and make a mini spa kit with bath salts, body wash, a mud facial mask, perfume/cologne, lip balm, and lavender body lotion. These are all things they can use the morning of the wedding to relax and unwind before the big ceremony and long into the marriage.

A set of handwritten love letters.

Love letters won’t cost a dime but mean the world to your partner. Write a set of three love letters: one to open the morning of the wedding, one to open on your honeymoon, and one to open a month into your marriage. Love letters are a special way to express your love and appreciation. Even after the wedding is over, they can open the final letter and get swept up in the magic and romance all over again.

Calendar with pre-planned events.

Mark a calendar with events you have already planned, for a few weekends into your marriage, like dinner reservations, a couple’s spa treatment, a golf tee time, a booked campground for hiking, and a time to visit the movie theater (with tickets pre-purchased). The wedding day is a magical time, but it’s also important to think about life after the wedding. These fun activities will continue the romantic spark in your relationship, long after the wedding is over. This calendar is a sweet gesture that shows you are thinking about your life together.

As you make this special commitment, express your love with personalized and romantic wedding gifts.


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Best Anniversary Gifts for Loved Ones

Impress your romantic partner with unique and creative anniversary gifts! Whether you are celebrating a first wedding anniversary or tenth, these are the perfect gifts to express your love and show how much you care. Anniversaries are special milestones. You deserve to celebrate and remember your best moments together. A special gift can put your celebration over the top. Choose a gift that will spark memories and bring happy tears. As you exchange gifts, you can remember your journey together and commemorate the rare gift of having a long-lasting relationship. Discover the best anniversary gift ideas for your husband, wife, or partner that will fire up the romance.

7 Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Husband, Wife, or Partner

The “Bridgerton Experience” Gift

By now, Netflix’s steamy hit show is the talk of the season! If your partner, like the rest of the country, is intoxicated by this romantic fantasy then throw them a Bridgerton-themed anniversary party! Set the mood at home and create a sweet escape that ends with you and your partner playing Duke and Duchess in the bedroom.

Begin the celebration with afternoon tea, biscuits, and cakes. Use floral china, a tiered cake tray, and decorative accents like a lace tablecloth and ribbon. If you don’t have these already, you can find most items at your local thrift stores. After tea, re-watch some of your favorite episodes as you cuddle together. For dinner, prepare a rich meal with dessert. Here are some Date Night Recipes to Make at Home, if you’re not sure what to make. Along with your partner’s gift, give them a romantic card that says, “I burn for you” (our favorite Duke line—swoon) and dance to classical tunes or favorite pop songs. Perfect for couples who enjoy a little role play fantasy, this anniversary gift is a whole day of escapist romance and intimacy.

Shopping Cart Surprise

Does your partner save items in their online shopping cart, to wait for a sale or their next paycheck? Pick their favorite retailer—Target, Amazon, Pottery Barn, etc.—and surprise them by buying their entire shopping cart! To make sure they don’t purchase the items, you’ll want to do this the day before or the morning of your anniversary. You’ll also need to play detective and get access to their account in advance so you can note all of the items. If the items are all online, you can give them the shopping receipt along with flowers, a bottle of wine, and a small present. Your partner will love how much thought and effort you put into this creative gift!

Book of Us: A Personalized Book about Love

Your relationship story is a rom-com worthy of its own novel. Capture your love story on paper with this personalized book for couples! Tell your unique love story by customizing the title, characters, and text on every page. The book details all the ways you spend time together. Add your own loving messages to every page and create a personalized anniversary gift that your partner will treasure.

“Never Have I Ever” Activity Gift

Choose a relationship “first” and do it together on your anniversary! If your partner has always wanted to get a tattoo, gift them a tattoo as their anniversary present. If you both have never taken a cooking class, sign up for a virtual cooking class at home. Relationship “firsts” are exciting and strengthen your romantic bond. An anniversary gift doesn’t have to be something physical. It can be an activity you enjoy together. By doing something new together, you will make unforgettable anniversary memories.

Handmade Photo Book

Preserve your most precious memories in a handmade photo book that your partner can keep forever. You can create a photo book online or make one by hand. To make one from scratch, print and glue photos to paper, write handwritten messages, and bind the pages with rings. This sweet and thoughtful gift comes from the heart and is personalized just for your S.O.

“Marriage is a Journey” Travel Gift

It might sound a little cheesy, but life is an adventure that’s best traveled together! Inspire wanderlust and adventure in your marriage with this travel-themed anniversary gift. Mark a world map with all the places you want to visit. Fold it and put it into a gift box. Add travel books for the destination you want to visit first. Include some fun travel accessories. And finally, surprise your partner with future travel tickets. The couple who travels together, grows together.

Snack Lovers Gift Basket

Does your partner constantly look for snacks every night? Put together a custom gift basket full of their favorite sweet and savory treats! Make it even more special by adding snacks associated with your first kiss or first date.


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7 Ways to Celebrate Your Partner’s Graduation

Make this graduation celebration unforgettable with these unique ideas for you and your partner! Whether your partner has finished college or grad school, these fun activities will make them feel so special and loved. We’ve put together a list of easy things you can do with friends, family, or just with each other. Graduation is the perfect time to celebrate hard work and accomplishments, and to express gratitude for completing a life goal. Celebrations can be big or small, based on your budget and time. You don’t need to throw a grand graduation party to have a great time! Surprise your partner with a thoughtful and unique celebration that comes from love.

Turn your backyard into a film-tacular celebration.

Make this day all about the graduate! Watch their favorite movie or a graduation-themed movie outdoors. Set up a projector and sheet to put your flicks on the big screen. Instead of basic popcorn, whip up a colorful charcuterie board—it’s the fancy Lunchables of our time! Hang string lights overhead to make the backyard glow with soft light. Then cuddle up and watch your partner’s favorite movies.

Organize a virtual graduation party.

Video calling makes get-togethers safe and easy! Decorate your living room with balloons, streamers, and a “happy graduation” sign. Then video call friends and family into a group chat. Have your partner run an errand and them surprise them with the virtual graduation party! Each friend and family member can prepare a loving message for the graduate and read it aloud over video. We also encourage family members to show-and-tell some hilarious baby photos on Zoom call! This graduation party idea is a fun and creative way to celebrate virtually.

Take photos to make a graduation photo book.

Hold your own at-home graduation photoshoot! Then make a photo book to capture those sweet memories. Take some photos of the graduate. Try a few of them in a cap and gown. Then take couple’s photos in your best graduation-worthy attire! Add the photos to a special book so you can look back on this special time. You can also turn their graduation photo into a personalized photo puzzle that you can enjoy together.

Hold a nostalgic “through the years” scavenger hunt.

Organize a graduation scavenger hunt inside your home! Hide nostalgic items from their childhood around the house. You may need to ask family members for specific items. Try hiding things like a trophy, an embarrassing baby picture, a baseball glove or dance shoe, a baby blanket, a retro piece of tech like an old video game console or a ye-old ipod. Hand your partner a list of clues that will direct them to each fun relic from their past. At the end of the scavenger hunt, hide a special graduation gift they can open.

Surprise your partner with thoughtful graduation gifts.

The best graduation gifts come from the heart. Show your loved one how proud you are with a graduation present they will cherish. Consider a unique present that is personalized for the individual, like a custom Happiness Journal that will inspire them to keep following their dreams. Instead of a graduation card, give them a personalized graduation book like I Wish You More on Your Graduation Day that features their name and messages of best wishes. Have friends and family write personal messages on the dedication page, and create a sweet gift the new graduate will treasure. If you are looking for a more romantic graduation gift, the Book of Us is a custom book that tells your unique relationship story. Edit the text to include loving and congratulatory messages for the graduate. It’s a beautiful gift where you can express your love and pride.

Start your “inspiring songs” playlist and cook a special graduation dinner.

Turn on some inspirational tunes and cook your partner a spectacular dinner to celebrate! Take this dinner up a notch by lighting candles, pouring wine, and baking a chocolate cake for dessert. For dinner, try making something special yet easy to cook like a one-pot seafood pasta or BBQ pork and pimento cheese sliders—use jackfruit as a vegetarian option. All you need to have a great graduation celebration is good food and each other.

Make a list of dreams and goals, for yourselves and for each other.

Graduation is a time to celebrate hard work and express gratitude for this accomplished goal! It’s also a great time to make a new list of goals and dreams. By envisioning new dreams, you stay focused, motivated, and inspired. These goals can be big or small—some for you personally, and some for you both as a couple. Now that you’ve reached graduation, maybe the new goal is to travel to a dream destination in the far future. As a couple, maybe the dream is to save for a house or start a family.