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30 Anniversary Ideas to Surprise Your Loved One

Not sure what to plan for your anniversary? These ideas are perfect to create a special celebration, whether it’s your first anniversary or fifth wedding anniversary! Planning can be tough when you’ve been together for a long time. Do we do dinner at a nice restaurant? Did we do that last year, and now we want to do something creative outside the box? This list includes activities to grow closer together, new ways to enjoy your favorite things, and anniversary dates that offer new experiences. The most important thing on your anniversary is to spend time together. And whether you have the best time or the worst (like accidentally spilling the wine or getting lost on a road trip), you’re making memories that will turn into the best stories!  

Ways to Grow Closer Together

Surprise your partner with a personalized gift like the Book of Us, that tells your unique love story and celebrates your life together. 

Take a hiking and camping trip to grow closer together in nature. 

Attend a trivia night to work together and show off your talents!  

Volunteer and pick a charity you both love.  

Decorate your home to make it more “you” as a couple.  

Plan a surprise road trip for your partner.  

Adopt a furry friend from an animal shelter and grow your family.  

Visit a nice restaurant and stay overnight at a hotel.  

Bake and decorate an anniversary cake. 

Go for a sunset or sunrise walk.  

Enjoy Your Favorite Things

Recreate your first date or most memorable date. 

Enjoy an evening of laughter at a comedy club. 

Pamper yourselves with a couple’s massage. 

Play board games with your favorite wine.  

Attend a sports game.  

Stay in your pajamas for a movie marathon.  

Surprise your partner with concert tickets for their favorite band. 

Make a photo book to remember your best and funniest moments.  

Go on a dessert crawl and eat all your favorite treats.  

Embrace your inner mixologist and create a couple’s signature cocktail together.  

Try New Experiences

Book a romantic evening at a B&B.  

Book a sunset dinner cruise for two.  

Take a cooking class together.  

Plan a local brewery tour and sample new brews.  

Try a new workout class together. 

Throw an anniversary party with your friends and family. 

Write a couple’s bucket list of activities to do over the years.  

Take a helicopter ride or hot air balloon ride. 

Book an escape room and work as a team.  

Get crafty with a paint-and-sip night.  




7 Romantic Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day book about love book for couples Book of Us boyfriend couple activities couple's dates date ideas five years of marriage personalized book personalized Valentine's Day gift romantic partner tell your love story valentine's day activities valentine's day date ideas

7 Romantic Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with special activities to enjoy with the people you love—including yourself! There can be a lot of pressure for this holiday, like planning an elaborate dinner or scheduling a grand night out. But the most important part about Valentine’s Day is spending quality time with your partner. Whether you’ve been together for five dates or five years of marriage, we know it’s important to make this a fun and memorable holiday. To take the pressure off, we’ve created a list of Valentine’s Day date ideas that will bring you even closer together. Check out these unique couple’s activities to make this the best Valentine’s Day ever!  

Visit a comedy show.  

Look for local comedy shows in your area and have a night full of laughs! If you can’t find a live show happening close to Valentine’s Day, stream a comedy special online. This is a great activity to enjoy with your partner or solo.  

Surprise your loved one with a special gift.  

This Valentine’s Day, give your partner something extraordinary and personal, that shows how much you care! The Book of Us is a personalized Valentine’s Day gift that tells your unique love story. You can customize the book cover, characters and book pages to create a gift as unique as your relationship. Surprise your S.O. with a special book they will treasure!  

Test your teamwork skills at an escape room.  

Perfect for beginners or skilled masters at escape, this activity will help you build trust and communication. Plus, it’s a fun and exciting date that will get your heart racing! 

Schedule a date with yourself.  

No boyfriend or romantic partner this Valentine’s Day? No problem! Valentine’s Day is about every kind of love, so consider pampering yourself with relaxing activities. Take a bath and listen to music. Treat yourself to a venti coffee and get a massage. Splurge on a manicure and pedicure. Order your favorite takeout food and watch a movie. You deserve to shower yourself with love and celebrate your singlehood. 

Take a culinary trip to France. 

Skip the luxury (and expensive) trip to France and enjoy a romantic evening at home with a grand dinner! Cook a feast of French dishes like smoked salmon canapés, coq au vin, beef bourguignon, crème brûlée and chocolate éclairs. Serve it all with French wine and watch the French film Amélie to cap off the most romantic evening.  

Release your inner child for a day of games!  

Perfect for young and old, this ate will bring you closer together through happy nostalgia! Plan a whole day of games like bowling, mini golf, or video games at a video arcade. The sillier you can be the better. You’ll make the best memories and support each other to achieve high scores!  

Plan a “favorite things” day.  

Write your favorite things onto pieces of paper and add to a jar. These favorite things can include: eating your favorite food for lunch, watching your favorite movie, doing your favorite afternoon activity, and more. Take turns with your partner to select a piece of paper from the jar, and do your favorite things for the entire day!  



apple orchard autumn hike backyard bonfire Book of Us brewerycorn maze cozy fall party fall activities fall ideas family farmer's market favorite autumn activities friend activities Halloween costume hot chocolate jack-o-lantern carving murder mystery party Oktoberfest pumpkin carving pumpkin spice romantic fall date s'mores tailgate football game

20 Fall Activities to Do with Family, Friends, or Solo

Enjoy every minute of the fall with these twenty bucket list activities! We’ve compiled a list of activities for everyone—whether you are looking for fun with family and friends, or some self-care time solo. Fall comes with some of the best seasonal activities, like pumpkin carving, drinking hot apple cider in a flannel, or eating apple cider donuts in a corn maze. And it’s a season when we start getting excited about Halloween and happy haunts! With cooler days ahead and a limited number of days in the season, it’s the perfect time to explore, relax, and celebrate. Try a few of our favorite autumn activities and enjoy every minute of this season! 

20 Best Fall Activities to Put on Your Bucket List  

apple orchard autumn hike backyard bonfire Book of Us brewerycorn maze cozy fall party fall activities fall ideas family farmer's market favorite autumn activities friend activities Halloween costume hot chocolate jack-o-lantern carving murder mystery party Oktoberfest pumpkin carving pumpkin spice romantic fall date s'mores tailgate football game
  1. Visit an apple orchard for chestnut crab apples and apple cider donuts. 
  2. Make apple cider milkshakes and watch a movie with fall vibes like Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, or When Harry Met Sally.  
  3. Visit a brewery for live music, food trucks, and pumpkin beer.  
  4. Go on an autumn hike at a local state park.  
  5. Plan a romantic fall date with your partner. Plan a wine and cheese charcuterie picnic, and surprise your S.O. with a special gift like the Book of Us. Book of Us captures your love story on every page, so you can celebrate your relationship milestones. 
  6. Pick up your own pumpkins and enjoy jack-o-lantern carving.  
  7. Start a backyard bonfire and roast s’mores.  
  8. Tailgate a football game and make honey barbeque wings.  
  9. Bake a homemade apple pie. 
  10. Host a cozy fall party with mulled wine, chili, and pumpkin pie muffins.  
  11. Watch the sunset at a park.  
  12. Visit a corn maze and snack on caramel popcorn.  
  13. DIY your own Halloween costume. 
  14. Go ziplining and take in the gorgeous fall colors.  
  15. Celebrate Oktoberfest at a brewery or a city-hosted event.  
  16. Visit the farmer’s market and pick up ingredients to make a fall-themed dinner, like butternut squash carbonara.  
  17. Run a fall 5K or 10K.  
  18. Host a murder mystery party.  
  19. Spend an entire day that’s all about pumpkin spice. Drink a pumpkin spice latte, light a pumpkin candle, make pumpkin soup, and sip on a pumpkin spice cocktail.  
  20. Go for a bike ride. 


5 years anniversary gift Book of Us cry in front of each other first big fight first couple's vacation first goodbye first kiss gift healthy relationships long-distance relationship one year partner relationship milestones for couples relationship milestones to celebrate S.O. spending holiday together wedding anniversary wedding gift

9 Relationship Milestones That Couples Should Celebrate

Show love and appreciation for your partner all year long with these relationship milestones to celebrate! Whether you’ve been dating for one year or married for five years, it’s always fun to spend quality time together. Celebrating can bring you closer together, giving you a sense of unity in the relationship. We’ve included big and small milestones, for every kind of couple. All of these chapters in your journey will lead to a happier life as a duo. Celebrate the hard work and dedication you put into the relationship now and into the future!  

9 Relationship Milestones That Couples Should Celebrate  

Sharing Your First Kiss 

Whether your first kiss was awkwardly bad or downright magical, put this milestone at the top of your list! It marked the beginning of being intimate and took your relationship to the next stage. We love the idea of re-creating the date that led to your first kiss! You can even surprise your partner with a “happy first kiss” gift, like the Book of Us. Book of Us tells your unique love story on every page! Write out your first kiss story, to be printed on the back cover, and edit every page with loving messages and inside jokes. Your partner will love a gift that commemorates this sweet milestone. 

Having Your First Big Fight

Healthy relationships come with the good and the bad. Your first big fight is a doozy. But fighting can help you problem solve issues and improve your communication skills. (Note that domestic abuse should never take place in a fight and must be handled differently.) After you’ve cooled off from your first fight, treat yourselves to a “well that happened” drink (or mocktail) and do something that you both enjoy to get closer again—listen to jazz music and slow dance, hold hands and watch a movie, or cook your favorite meal.  

Attending a Family Event Together

One big relationship milestone is when you attend the first family event together! At this event, you’ll introduce your S.O. to your family members. This introduction shows a great deal of love and trust. This is the first time you’ll be stepping out as an official couple to extended family. It’s a time when your partner can bond with the family and be treated as “one of the family.” Treat this occasion as a milestone anniversary, and celebrate it every year by remembering the fun and awkward memories!  

First Couple’s Vacation

Your first vacation will help you both plan, problem-solve, communicate, and spend romantic time together. Plan a vacation every year, perhaps in the same spot as your first trip, as a special way to commemorate this milestone.  

Making a Big Purchase Together

Whether you’re buying your first couple’s couch for cuddling or your first house together, this relationship milestone deserves a fun celebration! Because you’ve made a big purchase, celebrate this milestone with budget-friendly date ideas like a bottom-less mimosa brunch, a happy hour special at a restaurant, a free concert in the park, or a bike ride and a picnic. Celebrate every year by challenging each other to plan a date with the smallest budget!  

Spending a Holiday Together (without family)

Most major holidays are spent with extended family. But on the rare occasion that you opt out of traveling to the family get-together, make this holiday extra special with just the two of you! This is a perfect opportunity to make memories and begin new traditions. Maybe you skip the traditional big dinner and order takeout, or maybe you plan an activity you both love. No matter what, the best times come from building a life together. 

Your Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary is perhaps one of the biggest milestones to celebrate every year! We love the idea of re-creating your favorite moments from the day. Play your wedding song, cook or bake your favorite food from your reception, and watch wedding videos.  

The First Goodbye in a Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships are hard, and it may seem counterintuitive to celebrate a devastating goodbye. But it’s a difficult hurdle and you did it! You deserve to celebrate the accomplishment of making it through the hard times as well as the good ones. Once you are both back home, celebrate this milestone with some much-needed self-care time. Video chat your S.O., eat something yummy, and watch your favorite movie in comfy pajamas.  

Crying in Front of Each Other

Love isn’t just about flowers and gifts, it’s also about sharing intimacy and painful feelings. Love is about accepting all parts of your partner and supporting their hurt. For these reasons, it’s important to acknowledge and honor the first time your S.O. cries in front of you—and we mean, really cry, like open floodgates. When this happens, celebrate their vulnerability with praise which will encourage them to be more emotionally open with you in the future. Then do something together that will provide comfort and intimacy: watch a soothing movie together, go out for a comfort food meal, or schedule a couple’s spa day for massages.  

10-year anniversary 10-year anniversary 25th anniversary 25th anniversary5-year wedding anniversary 5-year wedding anniversary50th anniversary 50th anniversary anniversary milestone anniversary milestone anniversary party anniversary party anniversary trip anniversary trip Book of Us Book of Us celebrate your love celebrate your love concert tickets concert tickets couple's activity couple's activity couple's rings couple's rings personalized anniversary gift personalized anniversary gift personalized gift personalized gift romantic evening at home romantic evening at home romantic gifts romantic gifts romantic vacation romantic vacation spa day spa day sports tickets sports tickets staycation staycation wedding anniversary gift ideas wedding anniversary gift ideas

9 Wedding Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate Your Love

Impress your spouse with these romantic gifts that go above and beyond to say, “Happy Wedding Anniversary! These gift ideas are perfect for every anniversary milestone, whether you are celebrating a 25th, 50th anniversary, or a 5-year wedding anniversary. Your partner may prefer an experience gift with an activity you can do together, or a personalized gift that makes them cry tears of joy. Each gift idea will help you show your love and celebrate that special year together. Discover the best wedding anniversary gifts that will give your partner butterflies like when you first got married!  

9 Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas  

Book of Us  

Surprise your romantic partner with a heartwarming and personalized anniversary gift. Book of Us tells your unique love story on every page. Customize pages to wish your partner a happy anniversary and create a sweet keepsake they will treasure forever.  

Luxury Couple’s Vacation  

Celebrate a special milestone like a first anniversary or 10-year anniversary with a luxurious vacation. Pick a romantic vacation spot and travel to Hawaii, Mexico, Nappa Valley, California, or Paris. Your dreamy anniversary trip will be one to remember!  

Couple’s Activity Class 

Surprise your partner with a fun activity you can do together like a cooking class, pottery class, paint and wine event, or a yoga class.  

Relaxing Spa Day 

Schedule a full day of relaxing spa activities for you and your S.O. such as a couple’s massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, and sauna.  

Wine, Charcuterie, and Movie Night 

Surprise your partner with a romantic evening at home. Customize a wooden charcuterie board with you and your loved one’s names and wedding date, which you can use to display your gourmet charcuterie and keep as a gift. Serve with wine and watch your favorite movie. This wedding anniversary gift is perfect for homebodies who love to snack and cuddle!  

Couple’s Bucket List 

Your wedding anniversary is the perfect time to keep thinking about your future. Create a short-term or long-term bucket list of things you want to do, places to explore, and memories you want to create together. Start small and write down something you can do right away on your anniversary so you can cross the first bucket list item off the list! Marriage is a journey with so much to look forward to, whether it’s your first anniversary or your fiftieth anniversary. 

Surprise Anniversary Party 

One of the best ways to celebrate your special day is to invite your friends and family to party with you! Throw a surprise anniversary party for your S.O. and see their face light up with joy. 

Couple’s Watches or Rings 

Exchange a sentimental gift that you can both wear to remember your anniversary. Give your partner an engraved ring or watch and you can wear the corresponding match. Your partner will love this useful and thoughtful anniversary gift. 

Concert Tickets or Sports Tickets 

Give your partner an anniversary gift based on their interests, like tickets to their favorite sports team or band. If you don’t want to drive home late after the event, book an overnight staycation at a nearby hotel. Your partner will love how much thought you put into the gift!  


baseball best summer activities Book of Us camping couple's activity date ideas Euphoria party friend activity golf hiking music festival personalized puzzles picnic date pop culture party summer activities summer date summer party summer reading challenge summer vacation plans water park

Fun Activities for Your Summer Vacation Plans

We’ve compiled the best summer activities to make unforgettable memories with your best friend, romantic partner or family members! These twenty activity ideas take advantage of the warm weather and give you a variety of fun days—whether you’re looking for relaxation, adventure or a little of both. During summer, it’s the perfect time to take a beach day, watch an outdoor sports game, or plan an epic pop culture summer party. You don’t need to take a trip out of state to have the best summer ever! Try a few of these creative activities and make every summer day feel like a vacation.  

20 Activities for Summer Vacation  

Go on a picnic date with your partner.  

Visit your local park and enjoy a romantic picnic outside. Take your picnic to the next level by packing a gourmet charcuterie tray, champagne, and chocolate-covered strawberries. Finish the date with a grand gesture and surprise your S.O. with a special gift that’s personalized just for them like the Book of Us. Book of Us captures your unique love story on every page and will be treasured for years and years!  

Host a pop-culture themed summer party. 

Plan an epic outdoor get-together with a pop culture theme and ask everyone to dress up accordingly. We love the idea of a Euphoria-themed party with a cool high-school prom vibe that features colorful drinks with edible glitter, metallic decorations, and a killer playlist. 

Visit a water park.  

Beat the heat at a fun outdoor or indoor water park! Make it a day event or treat yourself to an overnight stay at a hotel. 

Have a bonfire with friends. 

Invite friends to a bonfire where you can roast marshmallows, listen to music, and play group games.  

Attend a music festival.  

Summer is the perfect time to check out music festivals in your city or nationwide.  

Do a puzzle on a rainy day.  

When it’s raining and boredom strikes, puzzles will keep your family entertained and happy! Personalized puzzles are especially engaging. Choose a custom puzzle that features a cute couple’s photo or one with your family’s names.  

Visit a local swimming pool or beach.  

Swimming is the ultimate summer activity! Visit a public pool or enjoy a beach day at the lake or ocean. If you don’t have a pool or beach nearby, take a staycation at a hotel with a pool. 

Golf at a regular course or go mini golfing. 

This is a fun date activity, or something the whole family can enjoy to make memories. Treat yourself to ice cream afterwards. 

Visit a local brewery and food truck.  

Most local breweries will host food trucks on summer weekends. Choose a weekend to visit one or two local breweries, sample a few beers and enjoy lunch at a food truck.  

Go to a baseball game.  

Enjoy this great American pastime with your family! There’s nothing better than cheering on your team with a hot dog and blue skies.  

Play frisbee golf in your backyard.  

Scatter hula hoops around the grass and play frisbee golf. This is a great last-minute activity when you want to play a fun game. 

Spend the day at a State Fair or Renaissance Festival. 

Eat, drink, and party all day long! Most states host a State Fair or Renaissance Festival in the summer, where you can sample lots of deep-fried food, listen to some great music, and take in a few shows.  

Replicate a drive-in movie theater at home.  

Re-create a drive-in movie theater experience! Set up a projector and attach a sheet to your garage door to play a movie. Just like an old-fashioned drive-in, you can watch from your car in the driveway while snacking on burgers and root beer floats! 

Enjoy a grown-up “yes day.”  

Have the perfect “yes day” by saying “yes” to whatever your boyfriend, girlfriend or partner wants to do (within reason, of course). Ask them, “What is your perfect day?” and then make it happen!  

Take a class to learn something new.  

Sign up for a class with your best friend or partner to learn a new skill or hobby! Try yoga, a cooking class or a pottery class. This is a great activity for when you got a little too sunburnt on your last outing.  

Go skydiving. 

Unleash your adventurous side and soar through the sky! Skydiving is a great couple’s activity or friend activity in the summer when you want to take an exhilarating risk.  

Challenge your friends in an escape room.  

Find an escape room near you and work together to get out. This summer activity lets you escape the heat and make hilarious memories with your friends as you build your teamwork skills!  

Take a hiking and camping trip.  

Spend a long weekend hiking to scenic spots and camping overnight. Roast hot dogs over a fire, stargaze at night, and bring binoculars to observe the local wildlife.  

Go canoeing or kayaking on the water. 

Enjoy a day where you can get some exercise and cool off at the same time! Find a local park where you can rent equipment (if you don’t have your own) and bring a friend.  

Create a summer reading challenge.  

Challenge yourself to read a certain number of books over the summer. Create a book tournament reading bracket and see which book comes out on top as the best summer read!  

We hope these summer activities will help you make joyful memories all summer long! 


baking gift Book of Us custom puzzle experience gift gift basket gift for a new mom keepsake mother's day gift Mother's Day gift basket Mother's Day gift ideas mother's day gifts Mother's Day gifts for wife Mother's Day mug My Super Mom personalized book personalized gift for grandma personalized Mother's Day book personalized mother's day gift personalized photo puzzle personalized puzzle

7 Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts

Make mom feel so loved with the best Mother’s Day gift ideas that are as thoughtful and special as she is! We’ve rounded up presents for every mom in your life, including gifts from a husband to his wife or gifts from an adult child to their mom and best friend. Surprise mom with an experience gift, a spa kit, a gift basket to match her superhero status, or personalized Mother’s Day gifts that are made just for her! It’s always the perfect time to honor mom’s love, support, and hard work—but especially on Mother’s Day. We hope these gifts fill her day with so much love and laughter. Let her know how much you love and care about her with a few of these special gift surprises. 

7 Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Mom or Wife

Personalized Mother’s Day Book for Mom

Go beyond a card or flowers and give mom a personalized Mother’s Day book that she will cherish for years and years. My Mom, My Best Friend  can be customized with your name, mom’s name or nickname, up to 4 photos, and a personal message to mom. Every page features a beautiful message, thanking mom for her love, support and guidance. This keepsake Mother’s Day gift makes a big impact that will bring you and mom even closer together.

A Romantic Gift from a Husband to a Wife

Surprise her with the Book of Us to let her know that she is the most loving wife and mother! This personalized book tells your unique love story and can be filled with loving messages. She will cry tears of joy and delight when she reads every personalized page, filled with sweet messages that come from the heart.  

Gift Basket for an On-the-Go Super Mom

Moms are incredible multi-tasking superheroes who deserve so much love! Give mom a personalized book like My Super Mom that celebrates all her accomplishments like working hard at her job, taking care of her physical health, caring for her family, and giving herself some much-deserved self-care time. The gift set also comes with a color-changing mug that matches her own book! Create a beautiful Mother’s Day gift basket and add a few more items: her favorite coffee or tea to enjoy in the mug, a framed photo of mom with her family, and a bag with her favorite snacks to take in her bag wherever she goes.  

Bedtime Spa Kit for a New Mom

Give the new mom a cozy gift of silky soft pajamas, fuzzy slippers, a facial sheet mask set, and a special gift for the baby too: My Very Own Nursery Rhymes personalized storybook. As mom recuperates from having her little bundle of joy, she can rest comfortably in her pajamas at bedtime and read her baby a personalized storybook that features the child’s name in the nursery rhyme story. 

Baking Kit for the Mom Who Loves to Bake

Give your mom a thoughtful baking gift set that includes a personalized apron and pot holder, a high-end baking dish or mixer, and a personalized keepsake book that she can enjoy with her kids. Baking Cookies Together celebrates the joy of baking as a family and can be personalized with mom’s name and appearance, and the names and appearance of two kids. Make this Mother’s Day gift even more special by adding a family photo and mom’s favorite cookie recipe in the back! The gift set also comes with a personalized child’s apron, so mom and child can bake together and celebrate the special day.  

A ‘Day of Fun’ Experience Gift for Mom

Give mom the gift of an activity that’s just for her, or one for the whole family! Delight her with a gift that’s catered to her interests such as tickets to a sporting event or show, a cooking class, massage spa day, wine tasting, boat dinner cruise, or an escape room adventure. Continue the entertainment at home and surprise her with a personalized photo puzzle that the whole family can put together.  

Personalized Gifts for Grandma

Make grandma smile this Mother’s Day with thoughtful gifts that are personalized just for her! The personalized book Super-Bestest Grandma can be given from a grandchild to their grandparent and celebrates all the ways they spend time together. Make this a special keepsake by personalizing the book with grandma’s nickname and appearance—and do the same for the grandchild. For the grandmother who loves puzzles, a custom puzzle like My Family Tree features up to 10 family member’s names and beautifully displays the family’s heritage. Grandma will be filled with the joy of family love as she puts her puzzle together. When you’re done, glue it together and frame it on her wall so she can treasure her Mother’s Day gift for years.   

30A Florida trip beach vacation best places to travel on spring break Book of Us destination Disney World vacation family favorite vacation spots friends fun getaway getaway island vacation Jackson Hole Last Vegas vacation Martha's Vineyard New York City Oahu Hawaii Puerto Rico solo spring break travel spring break trip ideas spring break vacation travel spot trip ideas trip list vacation activities vacation ideas Vail Colorado Wyoming

Spring Break Trips to Make Memories

We’re rounding up the best spring break vacations to go on with family, friends, or solo!  This trip list includes incredible destinations with activities for all ages. Each destination also has opportunities for rest and relaxation—perfect if you’re looking to unwind. After a long winter, everyone deserves a long break to make unforgettable memories. Check out these vacation ideas to book your next spring break trip! 

10 Spring Break Trip Ideas:

Travel with Family, Friends, or Solo  

We hope these travel ideas will inspire your next spring break trip! To make it even more fun, surprise your romantic partner or best friend with a trip by giving them a personalized gift like the Book of Us. With the Book of Us, you can tell your unique love story or friendship story and customize the book cover with a special title like: “You’re My Forever Travel Buddy” or “I Love You Around the World.” It will be a beautiful keepsake to remember your relationship and look forward to making more memories together!  

Experience the Magic of a Disney World Family Vacation

Embark on a magical spring break vacation with a trip to Disney World in Florida! Disney offers affordable vacation packages so you can spend fun-filled days at the parks and afternoons poolside.  

Disney’s newest offering is the Genie Service, which helps you plan your park days with attraction and entertainment recommendations. You can also pay for the Genie+ service to skip long ride lines by using “lightening lanes” (formerly known as FastPass lanes). Make sure to hit new attractions like Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, and Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. For dinner, dine in space at the new Space 220 Restaurant at Epcot! Beyond rides, there’s so many other things to enjoy like parades, fireworks, character interactions, shopping, and unique dining experiences. Take your spring break to the next level and experience the magic of a Disney vacation!  

Explore 30A in Florida

This area in Florida is quickly becoming a favorite vacation spot! The name comes from a road in South Walton County called County Road 30A that spans about 20 miles along the Florida panhandle coastline. Featuring a cluster of small, beautiful beach towns this area boasts some of the best beaches, restaurants, and vacation rentals. Ride your bike along the coastline and stop at popular beaches along the way, including Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach, and Grayton Beach. There’s plenty of upscale shopping and food trucks with live music to enjoy! And let’s not forget the real star: the clear, turquoise-blue water. Beautiful and lively, 30A is the perfect spring break getaway!  

Vacation at Martha’s Vineyard

Take in the beach views for a relaxing and scenic vacation! We recommend renting bikes and biking around the area to take in the sights. Visit a few beaches for sandcastle building and swimming. You can also sightsee at a few lighthouses, enjoy fresh seafood, learn about the island’s history at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, ride the Flying Horses Carousel, and visit a nature sanctuary. Enjoy a real spring break escape at this fun vacation spot!  

Find Adventure in Oahu, Hawaii

Enjoy island adventures and attractions in Oahu! Snorkel with sea turtles, hike Diamond Head, visit Kualoa Ranch, parasail in Waikiki, zipline for stunning views, and enjoy a luau at sunset. For families, we recommend staying at the Aulani Disney Resort & Spa. Kids will love the pools, lazy river, slides, and Disney-themed treats! There are tons of kids’ activities in Oahu that the whole family will enjoy, and plenty of adult fun for singles and best friends.  

Spend an Exciting Week in New York City

Skip the typical beach vacation and take an unexpected trip! Your itinerary will be full of exciting activities. See popular sights like the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and Time Square at night. Spend educational time at the American Museum of Natural History or the Metropolitan Museum of Art. At night, see a Broadway musical followed by New York-style pizza.  

Gamble on Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a top destination spot for spring break that— although a surprise to many—also offers kid-friendly activities and sights for a family vacation. Vegas hotels offer inexpensive rooms and feature large swimming pools with poolside food and drink service. Rent a cabana as a special treat to beat the heat! The Mandalay Bay hotel features a large aquarium, along with a world-famous aquatic playground that includes a sandy beach, a wave pool and a lazy river. Visit Madam Tussauds to see wax figure celebrities and take plenty of fun photos. Walk down the strip to visit the themed hotels and see their lobby displays. Ride the rollercoaster at the top of the New York, New York hotel, go zip-lining, and spend an evening at Top Golf. Get tickets for a comedy show or magic show. When you’re hungry, there’s hundreds of restaurants along the strip that offer diverse cuisine. Vegas is a perfect spring break spot that will keep you entertained all week long.  

Get Swept Away by the Sea Islands, Georgia

Located on the southeastern coast of Georgia, there are four beautiful barrier islands: St. Simons Island, Sea Island, Little St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island. Sea Island features miles of private beach, children’s programs, golf courses, and a spa. Outdoor enthusiast families will love to go swimming, boating, golfing, horseback riding and more! The beautiful scenery makes for an idyllic vacation that has everything: activities for kids and relaxation for the adults. Take advantage of this coastal paradise that’s close to home!  

Find Escape and Wonder in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is another enchanting vacation spot. You’ll love exploring the diverse landscape. You can snorkel to see coral reefs, horseback ride on the beach, hike in the mountains, and visit national forests. We especially recommend visiting El Yunque, the only tropical rainforest in the US national forest system. Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature and take a breathtaking spring break adventure!  

Elevate Your Spring Break in Vail, Colorado

Discover a fun getaway where you can ski, snowboard, hike, and swim in the heated pools! March sees warmer temperatures and more hours of daylight. It’s the perfect time of year for your trip. If you want a break from the outdoor fun, Vail also has a bowling alley and movie theater. Make sure to spend an afternoon in the quaint downtown area with shops and restaurants. Vail truly has everything for a fun getaway, with daily activities and outstanding scenery!   

Make Memories at Jackson Hole, Wyoming

This vacation spot offers stunning views and fun activities like snow tubing, skiing, bowling, and shopping. Kids will love taking a ride on Snow King Mountain’s roller coaster that winds up and down part of the ski hill. Take in spectacular sights at Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Jackson Hole will also host its 4th annual Food & Wine Winter Festival March 10-12 2022. There’s so much to see and do in this mountain town! 

9 gift ideas Book of Us boyfriend gift creative ways to say I love you custom puzzle cute gifts cutest gifts for couples funny Valentine's Day gift gift ideas girlfriend gift love letters nostalgic gift personalized photo puzzle personalized Valentine's Day book personalized Valentine's Day gift romantic dinner romantic gifts romantic partner gift romantic weekend getaway sweet gifts sweetest gifts for your loved one sweetly personalized gift the cutest Valentine's Day gifts for couples thoughtful gift unique gift

The Cutest Valentine’s Day Gifts for Couples

Amp up the romance this Valentine’s Day with the cutest gifts for couples! Perfect for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or romantic partner these nine gift ideas are unique and thoughtful. Skip the traditional chocolates and flowers this year and take your relationship to the next level with romantic (but not cheesy) presents. And no need to stress on affordability. We’ve compiled a list of creative ways to say, “I love you,” that meet all budgets. Discover the sweetest gifts for your loved one and show off your romantic side! 

9 Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Couples  

Matching rings

Pick out coordinating rings for you and your boo to wear on Valentine’s Day and long after. Even if you aren’t engaged or married, a ring symbolizes your relationship commitment and love. Some rings also fit into each other, like puzzle pieces—a beautiful gift that speaks to how you both complement each other.  

Book of Us

Treat your S.O. to a personalized Valentine’s Day gift that is customized to your relationship. The Book of Us is a sweetly personalized gift that tells your relationship story. Add your names and appearance and customize the text on every page. You can also add your love story to print on the back cover. Surprise and delight your partner with a unique gift that goes way beyond a card to say, “I love you so much.”  

9 gift ideas Book of Us boyfriend gift creative ways to say I love you custom puzzle cute gifts cutest gifts for couples funny Valentine's Day gift gift ideas girlfriend gift love letters nostalgic gift personalized photo puzzle personalized Valentine's Day book personalized Valentine's Day gift romantic dinner romantic gifts romantic partner gift romantic weekend getaway sweet gifts sweetest gifts for your loved one sweetly personalized gift the cutest Valentine's Day gifts for couples thoughtful gift unique gift

Handmade Polaroid Heart Picture

Give them a nostalgic gift that features polaroid snapshots. For this gift, you’ll want to take polaroid pictures of you both together. Print the pictures in black and white and then glue them together in the shape of a heart. Frame the picture, so they can hang it in their home and remember all the amazing times you’ve spent together!  

Romantic Weekend Getaway

Skip the material gifts all together and give your partner a romantic experience! This splurge-worthy gift idea will let you make special memories all weekend. Rent a cabin up north and go hiking, visit a local vineyard for wine tasting and charcuterie, or stay at a fancy hotel for the hot tub and spa. This Valentine’s Day, consider a relaxing retreat to grow even closer together.  

  9 gift ideas Book of Us boyfriend gift creative ways to say I love you custom puzzle cute gifts cutest gifts for couples funny Valentine's Day gift gift ideas girlfriend gift love letters nostalgic gift personalized photo puzzle personalized Valentine's Day book personalized Valentine's Day gift romantic dinner romantic gifts romantic partner gift romantic weekend getaway sweet gifts sweetest gifts for your loved one sweetly personalized gift the cutest Valentine's Day gifts for couples thoughtful gift unique gift

Personalized Photo Puzzle

Turn your favorite couple’s photo into a 500-piece custom puzzle. Put the puzzle together as a fun gift on Valentine’s Day and then frame it. Your partner will love this uniquely personalized keepsake gift that they can enjoy long after the holiday is over.  

  9 gift ideas Book of Us boyfriend gift creative ways to say I love you custom puzzle cute gifts cutest gifts for couples funny Valentine's Day gift gift ideas girlfriend gift love letters nostalgic gift personalized photo puzzle personalized Valentine's Day book personalized Valentine's Day gift romantic dinner romantic gifts romantic partner gift romantic weekend getaway sweet gifts sweetest gifts for your loved one sweetly personalized gift the cutest Valentine's Day gifts for couples thoughtful gift unique gift

“Open When” Letters

Perfect for smaller budgets, this Valentine’s Day gift is entirely homemade yet packs a deep emotional punch. Write love letters to your S.O. that they can open on certain days or occasions. On the front of the letter, write “Open with…” and then finish the sentence according to the need. Here are some ideas: Open when it’s Valentine’s Day; Open when we have a fight; Open when we go on our next date night; Open when you are feeling sad; Open when you are feeling happy. This gift will keep on giving for months and make their day.  

  9 gift ideas Book of Us boyfriend gift creative ways to say I love you custom puzzle cute gifts cutest gifts for couples funny Valentine's Day gift gift ideas girlfriend gift love letters nostalgic gift personalized photo puzzle personalized Valentine's Day book personalized Valentine's Day gift romantic dinner romantic gifts romantic partner gift romantic weekend getaway sweet gifts sweetest gifts for your loved one sweetly personalized gift the cutest Valentine's Day gifts for couples thoughtful gift unique gift

Custom Couple’s Portrait

Commission an artist to paint or sketch a couple’s portrait. This thoughtful gift supports small artists and decorates your home with a beautiful picture. Celebrate your love this Valentine’s Day with personalized artwork that will truly “wow” your partner!  

Personalized Socks

Design custom socks printed with your face all over, so they never forget who loves them the most! Your boyfriend, girlfriend or romantic partner will love this sweetly personalized and funny Valentine’s Day gift!  

Dinner Under the Stars

Enjoy a romantic dinner under a galaxy of stars without leaving the comfort of your home. Use a galaxy star projector to light up your dining space with night sky ambiance. Play your favorite tunes and serve a romantic dinner for two—you can’t go wrong with pasta and wine!  

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating your love. Make this holiday one to remember with a unique gift that makes you laugh, cry, and remember how much you care for each other.  

Ways to Destress at Home During the Holidays

The holiday season can be a stressful time for anyone. Through meal preparation, organizing and decorating, there can be a lot on your mind to get your home ready for the festivities. Now is the time to pay extra attention to yourself while in the season of giving, and not let stress impact your holidays. So whether you are planning on hosting the holidays with your family at home in Denver, CO, or on your way to a gathering in Toronto, CA, here are some ways to destress at home during the holidays to prepare you for anything.

Start off the day with a morning routine

One easy strategy for destressing over the holidays is to create a morning self-care ritual. Even if you only have 5 minutes, establishing a restorative morning routine can set a positive tone for your entire day. Examples of morning self-care rituals at home:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Music
  • Reading
  • Deep breathing
  • Aromatherapy
  • Skincare
  • Nourishing breakfast


Put some things that excite you on the calendar

By intentionally putting an activity that excites you on your calendar each week this holiday season, you’ll have something to consistently look forward to. Rather than focusing on your stress and anxiety, you’ll instead feel excited about the activities you’ve planned. Just a few ideas could be a family outing like ice skating, exploring somewhere local you’ve never gone before, or meeting up with an old friend who you’ve lost touch with!  – Modern Therapy

Take deep breaths when waking up and going to bed

I recommend 3 to 4 rounds of conscious deep breaths every morning after waking up and before bedtime. The optimal number of breaths per round is 30. The morning routine helps keep our blood pressure lower providing an emotional reset to better face the challenges of the day. The bedtime routine is to sleep better and faster. – Timeqube

Create a gratitude journal

During the holiday season, we tend to over-exert ourselves with cooking, baking, decorating, shopping, and socializing. If you’re feeling especially stressed and anxious around this time of year, cross off some of the unnecessary activities on your to-do list and devote that time to restful reflection. Making a gratitude list and journaling about your favorite memories from this year will help to ground you, so you can savor this special time with your loved ones lightheartedly. – Dr. Messina & Associates

Listen to your favorite sounds to relax your mind

I recommend putting together a playlist of your top favorite sounds, such as sounds of the ocean, raindrops, morning sounds or even a slow heartbeat, and taking a daily 10-minute break to put headphones on and listen to it. The right combination of sounds can lower your heart rate and cortisol stress hormone levels and help calm your mind and body.  My personal favorite is Weightless, which was created specifically to help calm the nervous system. – Cohesive Therapy NYC

Create time for yourself to reflect

Practicing radical self-care during the holidays is an absolute must for mind/body/spirit health. Keep it simple: get outside and connect with nature every day, carve out sacred space for no-phone quiet time, balance every glass of eggnog or holiday sweet with a glass of water! – Spirited Living

Destress at home with an in-home spa

If you are wound up like a top and have no time to de-stress at a spa, bring the spa to you.

  • Take a warm bath in Ancient Minerals Magnesium to soothe aches and pains and relax muscles before bed for a sound sleep. Add your favorite essential oils to lull your mind.
  • Get a buckwheat-filled wrap and heat in the microwave, wrap it around your neck and put on a sleep mask with some soft music – and breathe deep & slow. Sweet dreams!

Therapeutic Kneads, Ltd.

Set boundaries with your friends and family

Self-care doesn’t have to look like a spa, the gym, or a luxurious indulgence. It can look like simply setting boundaries with your friends and family around what you will accept and how many holiday events you’re able to participate in. It can look like creating a safe space inside your home and scheduling a specific timeframe each day where nobody is allowed to bother you in that space, and journal, meditate, exercise, or do anything else that brings you joy. Maintaining those boundaries and taking care of yourself is key to keeping your mind and body balanced and ready to take on all the holiday stressors that may arise – inside or outside the home! – JK Photos

Listen to your body and respect others’ feelings

Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right. Honor your feelings and respect those of others and everything will be alright. – Vori Health.

Getting creative can help you relax

Engaging in art-making can be used as a therapeutic self-care activity because it promotes the flow of creativity and increases your imagination, which can reframe negative thoughts and emotions. You will find that just ten minutes of rest with a mindful activity can uplift your mood, reduce stress, and replenish your energy.  Try doodling, drawing, collage-making or knitting. – The Art Therapy Project 

Include your family in preparations so there is less on you

Holidays are not about perfection, rather family, connection, and yes, messiness, so, show yourself some self-care by loosening up on those high expectations. Share experiences, for example, divvy up the holiday meal preparation – put the name of each dish in a hat and have everyone pick one randomly; you’ll have less to do, and your kiddos will learn some skills. Laugh heartily and when you feel the signals of stress, try some box breathing to bring down your heart rate (in for 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4, hold for 4 and repeat).  Remember wellness isn’t stuck on a container ship – it’s right in your grasp – just choose mindful ways to enjoy this season without carrying all the burden! – Reset Lounge

Create a space of relaxation with essential oils

Create an aromatherapy ritual that allows you to slow down and be present, like diffusing essential oils every evening or having a weekly aromatherapy bath to unwind. Lavender is great for calming, frankincense is known for grounding, and citrus oils can uplift the spirit. Be sure to use your aromatherapy ritual as an intentional time to focus on your breath. – Wild Grove Essentials 

Others’ moods can affect your own

What’s the ultimate de-stressor? Focus on making your partner happy, and you might see your anxieties lessen. There’s nothing like a little snuggle time at home to take your mind off things! – Book of Us

How to grieve a personal loss in a healthy way

The holidays are also the time of year where we tend to reflect and remember someone we have lost during the year. It could be a parent, friend or a pet. Instead of bottling up these emotions, it is important to talk about your loss, seek support or bereavement groups, and know that it’s “ok to not feel ok.” It also helps to act on behalf of our loved ones and honor them through a donation or sharing positive stories of their lives on Social Media. This is therapeutic for us too. – HCO Behavioral Health Services

Increase activity levels to release endorphins

Whether you are working at home or are back at the office, it’s very easy to forget how sedentary our lives have become. This holiday season, we strongly advise taking baby steps to increase your activity levels on non-working days. It can be as simple as showing your pet some love and taking them for a long walk, or as complex as performing a 10-minute no-equipment home workout. The beauty of it is that moving more will increase your endorphins and adrenaline levels, which can be a great stress reliever during the holidays. – Vantage Circle